LoriAnne Lemonade

Hi all I’m trying to add LoriAnne Lemonade into my Flavor Stash but can’t find it. Is it called something or abbreviated in a way a newbie doesn’t know? Thanks

here you go::+1:


Always be 100% sure when adding flavors to your stash! It makes everything else work.
You can search flavors using the “Flavor List” under the “Resources” drop down on ELR Home



Thanks so much! sara

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Not sure if it’s been covered with the deleted posts above, but your difficulty finding the flavor in the database is due to not having the name correct.

The company is LorAnn :wink:
In the database, it’s abbreviated LA in recipes, but to add a flavor, you can type the flavor, and then the manufacturer (or the first couple of letters of each… Eg: lemo lor) and you should have much higher chances of success! :wink:

Hope this helps