Lost in transit?

I didn’t know where to ask this but I’ll put it here.

I’m beginning to think I’ve had my first ever vape order misplaced.

I placed an order with Chefs on 19/11/21 and it shipped on 22/11/21 but unfortunately I haven’t received it yet. I have just emailed chefs this morning on their customer service address and am hoping for some good news.

Their site says that Royal Mail don’t consider an international parcel shipped outside Europe lost until 32 days from its shipping date but as that will be Christmas Eve I’m hoping they can make an exception and investigate it for me.

I’m also hoping the Christmas post has something to do with it but considering my previous orders have arrived in half this time that hope is fading.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


I’m sorry to hear that @Gazza7. Having only received a few orders/shipments from them, I don’t have a lot of experience with the Royal Mail, or MIA packages through them. I’m quite sure it’s VERY possible, the the Christmas influx has something to do with it.


I’ve been using Chef’s for over four years. One time an order went from Wales to England to N. Ireland then back to Wales via Royal Mail. Once it arrived back to their business they immediately shipped a new order. They’re a great company and I’m willing to bet it’s been held up in the US. It sucks you have to wait so long though.


Well it appears I jumped the gun but I was getting worried.

As I arrived home from work today my order was awaiting me all present and correct.
I must have willed it to arrive before Christmas.
I’ve emailed chefs apologizing for bothering them and obviously informing them it’s arrived.


A happy picture.


If you order from them after 11am it wont ship till next day after 5pm. I usually get it next day as im not far from them in the southwest. Occasionally royal mail skips days they deliver. I had a steamcrave supreme i bought from new vaping which is usually next too never show up. Royal mail is brutal though


I get confused with the time difference but I was happy with the time taken to post it.
Just not so impressed with the time taken to get to Australia but as I say I don’t blame chefs. I can’t really blame anyone as this is the wrong time of year to be placing an order to the other side of the world.

I just couldn’t resist the Black Friday sales but all’s well that ends well.