Lost my phone so drowned my sorrows haha

So xmas shopping and afterwards i got home i realised i have lost my platinum galaxy s6 and gutted.

My other half rang my number and it was switched off. I went back into town to buy a wismec to drown my sorrows and ended up getting a gold snow wolf 200 hahahha

Below is a pic of it but i would still prefer the wismec
It looks a lil dirty but thats just because iade new coils and didnt clean it before i took pics

And my first ever Ni coild build


Nice looking mod. And even nicer looking build.


Thanks to everyone on the forum and the guides

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I like the looks of the Snow Wolf !All the reviews I have seen have been very positive. Sorry about the phone , man that sucks!

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Haha every cloud and all that.
Might put it in the trade section i really want the wismec for the TI feature i know i would loose a few ££ but its all good lol


I got both , RX200 and the wismec dna200. Both a awesome investment


Oo thats the one i wanted the rx200


Man that’s a beautiful mod.

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