Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 -DEAD on Day 2-


Had mine for 2 Days and it decides to pull this mid vape.

cold ohms 2147483647.996 ??

I know right. Dosent matter what atty i use. 5.79 volts on cell 3. ???

probably a stupid question but have you tried the batteries in a different order and set

33.3 wh 3cell

lithium polymer

Tried a couple sets of new batts, factory default reset, hard and soft reboots, left the batteries out all night last night, rebooted this morning, same thing. It did this with no interaction or change. Was just sitting idle between puffs.

is it always cell 3 ?

Yep, it never seems to drain cell 3, only drains cell 1 and 2, in the spikes shown above.