Lostmarble's Geekvape Loop RDA review

Hi everybody, and thanks for stopping by for my review of the Geekvape Loop RDA.
This was sent to me by @healthcabin for the purpose of an honest review. I don’t do many reviews so please bear with me and excuse the photo’s (had to use the phone camera. My main camera isn’t working ATM).

Ok, here we go…

Inside the box you get the RDA, replacement o-rings, a gold plated squonk pin (with the juice outlets on the side of the pin), four replacement grubbies (slotted heads, not hex), 810 and 510 drip-tips, 510 adapter and the famous orange Geekvape tri-tool. You also get a multi-language user manual and a little paper wallet with pics of the different color options, warning info and (I guess) a registration card (Seriously, does anyone fill these cards out?).

Some basic specs from Geekvape:
24mm diameter
26mm height
8mm drip tip height
18mm drip tip width
Stainless steel material
5mm deep juice well (I measured it at a little over 7mm from the rim of the base)

Additional specs from Lostmarbles:
7mm exterior airslots
7.6mm interior airslots

OK, let’s play…
When you pop off the top cap you’re greeted by one of the strangest decks I’ve ever seen. The deck is shaped like a large “W” and has some interesting airflow going through it. I was looking to see how it would actually work and I’m thinking there is too much air flow in this to work properly. We shall see.

The next thing I noticed is the coils are mounted on a slope on either side of the middle W peak. Although this doesn’t look too difficult, you’ll have to measure your wire cuts carefully as there isn’t too much to work with.

Hard to tell from this picture, but the interior of the cap is domed for increased flavor.

If you look inside the cap at the 11 and 5 o’clock position you can just make out two little pegs which we’ll come back to.

I wanted to really get as much flavor as possible, so I coiled up a couple of Deep Water Ti coils (22g/6wrap/3mm). The first coil got tossed. I ended up cutting too much of the wire leads. Then I turned the coil over and rested it in the W with the leads pointed up. I cut then at the top of the W and they fit perfectly.

as you can see, it’s a tight fit…

Looking good…

Let’s wick and get to vapin’!

In the second pic, you’ll notice a little notch on the rim. There is another on the other side. Remember the two pegs inside the top cap? They fit into these notches and hold the cap in place as you adjust the air flow ring. Pretty cool. Wicking is soooo easy on this. Just stuff it into the well all the way to the bottom.

After the first hit…
Fuck me Alex! I am totally in love with this RDA. The flavor is fantastic. The vape is thick and dense and just swirls around in the mouth. At full open, this guy works perfectly. Half open is even more flavor and even with it barely open it works well but the vape is a bit hotter. I got no spit back whatsoever and of course no leaking.
I was completely wrong about too much airflow. The way this is designed is that the air comes in at the side, it is then deflected into the bottom of deck and drawn back up to hit the coil through the bottom. I got no annoying whistle at all in any airflow configuration. It works and it works very well.

The only cons I could think of were the grub screws. Geekvape decided to use slotted heads instead of hex heads. Not a deal breaker by any means, but I had to list something. Oh yeah, one other thing. If you like complex multi-wire coil builds, you may have problems. Because of the short legs and tight quarters, you will be challenged.

Would I recommend this?
I would recommend this RDA 100%!

I’d like to thank Maggie from @HealthCabin for the opportunity to share this with you all and you can pick one up here if you’re interested: https://www.healthcabin.net/geekvape-loop-rda-p/17597.html

Thanks for reading!


Good review so far bud but seems like the conclusion got short? Perhaps I am commenting to soon? :rofl:

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@Lostmarbles Nicely done, how did it vape ?


Sorry about that. I hit the post button before I was finished. It’s done now. Thanks for reading.

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I accidentally posted before I finished. It’s done now. This thing is pretty frakkin’ awesome.


:rofl: ya left us hangin’ man


Always leave 'em wanting more, right?


Looks nice. When i first saw the design it appeared to me that dripping would leak down and out the airholes and the ramp would encourage that. I assumed u were dripping not squonking but had no leaking problems, awesome to know!


It’s hard to tell by the pics, but there is a large hole just below the coil so as you drip directly into the mouthpiece, the juice flows into the well and not the sides. It’s a wierd design to be sure, but it works. I don’t have a squonk box yet, but I’ll have to get one just to put the Loop on top of it.


A lovely job! Well done you! :ok_hand::tada:


Thank you Lolly!


Great review! Magic word “flavor”!


Very nice review, and loved the tip about cutting the coil leg at the top of the “w”!

Nicely done Lostmarbles!
(Sorry man. “senior moment”.) :laughing:


What did Cosmic do? :rofl:


Nice review bro. I have been curios about this one, so thanks for that.

I was gonna say the same thing. I guess great minds think alike eh? :sunglasses:

I sure would like to see the hole you were talking about. The one that juice drops into ( if dripped ) before falling into the airflow. If you don’t mind that is…


Up until one goes all wonky and gives credit to the wrong person… :roll_eyes: /facepalm :laughing:


Thanx for the review!
There’s a name for reg 22ga Ti?


oh ya, I wanted to know about that too.


Not really. It’s just a term PV coined.


Are these standard size? Could you use spare grub screws from another RDA?
I really love hex screws as well, then philips screws and lastly flat screws. There should be a law against them :laughing: