LostVape Therion BF replacement parts

Been really happy with my Therion squonker, it’s beautiful, it’s affordable, it’s well-made and it has a DNA75. :triumph:
The only problem I have is that there is only one tube+cap for the squonk bottle included in the package. Being a bit picky about leftover flavours (aka ghosting), I’m looking for a replacement for said tube. So far, I couldn’t find any place that sells them.

If anyone would know a place that sells them, I’d appreciate a hint! Or if you have a great way of cleaning that plastic tube that’d be nice, too! So far I’m using lots of running warm water which has worked great with all my plastic bottles but is starting to fail me with this tube - probably because I’m constantly using this mod.


Soak over night in some water and a tablespoon of vinegar?


Are they this one - http://www.stealthvape.co.uk/index.php?route=mobile_store/product&product_id=625

I just googled 11ml squonk bottles - hopefully yes it is the same don’t want to get your hopes up unnecessarily.


What are the measurements …height, width, length, tube, bottle, diameter, capacity, etc.



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Perfect, that’s the one! @Volition nailed it :wink: Thanks! Never thought they sell bottle and tube together.

I’ll try that one in the meantime! :relaxed:

Thanks for your suggestions, too @ozo


I hope Stealthvape gets some more in soon…

You can wash it with 50/50 vodka/water also, and if it’s food grade material,
you can wash it with straight vodka.
Never let the vodka dry on the surface [like o-rings]…it will/can dry them out.
Just wash and rinse well.


Got some yellowish colour in it already, that might work!

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What is the diameter and height of the bottle itself?

it’s 57.64mm * 18.46mm. Exactly the bottle Volition posted earlier.

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Now this is just fabulous. In the only two weeks this year I can purchase anything abroad, these bottles are sold out. :unamused:

In the meantime I found out that the bottle doesn’t work without the plastic disk below the cap - no disk, no seal. Maybe I’ll just get some silicone tubing once Spring Festival is over…


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*The Therion 11ml squonk bottle seems unique to the mod, it’s taller & skinnier than a standard eliquid bottle and the screw-on cap is a non-standard size or thread. The x2 bottles included in the kit won’t last forever, so when they wear out you’re screwed or forced to improvise.

I contacted LostVape
a) they do have the replacement bottles available
b) but no dealers are ordering them
c) they could do a group buy, minimum order of 50 bottles @ $1:00 per bottle plus $25:00 shipping to the UK.

I’ve kinda lost interest at this point, my Therion was returned to China last week with a stuck firing button. If you’re in the UK these are the bottles you want.

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Good idea to go for a group buy. I had the same thought - can’t contact them on FB, though. I’ll try via Alibaba and see what happens. Maybe I can figure out a cheaper way to ship them, too! I’ll keep you posted after Spring Festival (ends in a week).

I hade the same button sticking problem with my Therion

yeah the sticking button is a bummer, only thing I can suggest regarding the bottles is leave your email address on the Stealth Vape UK web site to be notified if they get any in, he has requested them but has no idea when they’ll arrive.

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