Lotus (MF) Watermelon Problem

My last purchase of Lotus (MF) Watermelon turned out to be another flavor … After vaping a Standalone mix after a 3 week steep, I noticed that it was no where near the Watermelon experience that I had experienced with my first purchase from ECigX…I got online and had a chat with a representative on their site, and was requested to provide a Batch#…which I did…The following inserted correspondences will basically sum it all up…The order of the E-Mail exchange is reversed and begins with the bottom message and moves up. I removed my personal info, as well here…

Good Morning Doug,

Thank you so very much for you reply. Of course you would not have to pay anything for the shipping. This is something that we are making right to you and you will incur no cost associated with it. I will have the Lotus Wild Raspberry sent out to you today. It is an amazing brand and tends to have a good addition to most recipes. We greatly appreciate your business and understanding. Also we appreciate that you brought this to our attention. We have since disabled the product until we receive the ‘actual’ watermelon flavor from our supplier.

Thanks again Doug! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Patti ECX CS Supervisor

On 5/13/2016 5:18 AM, Doug Washeck wrote:

In regards to your offer to make a substitution, thank you very much…Please send me the Lotus Wild Raspberry…It is my hope that I will not be billed for shipping cost…and that this flavor possesses the same “Charm” that the previous Watermelon I bought from you…I look forward to hearing from you , as I hope to receive an acknowledgement of this correspondence.

While browsing the Lotus Flavors to make my choice, I noticed that it still represents that you have the Lotus Watermelon “In Stock”…Perhaps something to bring your attention to…I would, however, like to be informed when the authentic Lotus Watermelon is available, as it is one of the best, if not the best Vaping flavors I have ever experienced…I look forward to experiencing the Lotus Wild Raspberry…

Respectfully, Douglas Washeck


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From: Patti Werner p.werner@ecigexpress.com
To: dwasheck dwasheck@aol.com
Sent: Thu, May 12, 2016 6:09 pm
Subject: Follow Up Lotus Watermelon

Hi Douglas,

Thank you so much for your patience while we researched this issue for
you. As it turns out, the Watermelon supply that we receive was in fact
Honeydew Melon!! We greatly appreciate you bringing this to our
attention as it has not yet been given as an issue from anyone else.
Because we cannot re-send that product correctly ( because we just don’t
have it at this point until they send us more), what other flavor would
you like us to send to you to make up for this issue Douglas?

We are very sorry. I can imagine it would be annoying to have something
so similar but could throw off the recipe so much. Please let me know
what flavor you would like and we will send it out to you asap and let
me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Patti ECX CS Supervisor

Patti Werner
Customer Service

These E mails were exchanged after my chat on ECX live chat where I explained the problem and was requested to provide a Batch # of the flavor in question…

The batch number for reference is F15271017, Lotus Watermelon (MF) which I received in an order that was delivered April 20, 2016…and mixed immediately…

I cannot speak to any other Lotus Flavoring batch number, except the one I just posted…and the correspondences tell the rest of the story…

After a few days of debating with myself “should I” or “shouldn’t I” share this…well…I think it is quite obvious, and for a variety of reasons…I’ll leave it at that…Perhaps it is of no consequence to some of you, however, I feel that I have made some really cool, supportive friends here, and maybe it is of some consequence to you all…and by the same token, I do not mean to be alarmist in any way, shape or form…just thinking that it may be a concern to some, as I still highly recommended this Lotus (MF) Watermelon and still stand by its’ virtue…

As per the substitution that was offered…I have subsequently received an E-Mail stating that it was shipped, along with a corresponding reference Tracking number and link to the USPS…

Because I enjoy this particular vape experience, I just recently made a purchase of the 15 ml bottle of MF Watermelon on Amazon and look forward to getting it back into steep… :slight_smile:


Bummed by the mistake on labeling. But their customer service is still good imo. Basically you had about the same interaction I had, but for me they forgot 1 of the 2 bottles I ordered for a certain flavor. They guy was so quick to say, “we will fix it” I didn’t even have a chance to say one of two. They just sent two. This is why I’ll stil continue to shop at ecx.

So how was the melon now you know what flavor it’s supposed to be?

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The Watermelon bottle AND the Honeydew bottle that I got on that order smelled exactly the same, and I was a bit concerned upon mixing…this concern was validated when I vaped it first time…So it was apparent that it was actually Honeydew and not Watermelon…In answer to your question…It (Honeydew) in no way, compares to the Watermelon in flavor, or experience (for me) …But as you know, taste being a subjective thing…So I chose to get some MF Watermelon from a vendor on Amazon…And now look forward to experiencing the Wild Raspberry… :slight_smile:

Was the honeydew any good?

I didn’t particularly think so…and as I mentioned, it did not have the same experience that the Watermelon gives…(for me)… :slight_smile:

This is just my opinion, but I thought MF honeydew was the best honeydew I had ever tasted. Even as low as 1%.

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I got this a couple weeks ago and my early test show a lot of promise. It still has a couple weeks to steep, but I think it will be good.


@Flavor_Alchemist I just smelled my bottle of Lotus Watermelon and it had a honeydew/ cantaloupe smell and when I first mixed it about a month ago I noticed a melon taste but not really a watermelon as you and others had described before I purchased it.

I just checked my batch number on my Lotus Watermelon and it matches the numbers you posted.

Are all with that batch number not watermelon?

Same batch number as mine.

My guess would be yes…as you probably read in this thread ECX still had the flavor available on their site at the time of my correspondence, but as you may also have read that they were not able to fulfill a replacement with Watermelon…subsequent to this, they removed it as available on their site…I have not been able to get onto their site in the last few evenings, but am gonna try again tonite… I was bummed, and even though they did substitute with the Wild Raspberry it kinda sucks…So…I went on Amazon and ordered a bottle of the MF Watermelon…Received it, and got about 44 ml in steep now…22ml at 40/60 PG/VG @ 2.6% and 22 ml 30/70 PG/VG @ 3%…

You are correct in your assessment about the taste of the Flavor from ECX…it does have a slight taste of Watermelon…but no where near the Watermelon taste and experience of my first purchase of it… I hope you do find the authentic Watermelon from MF (aka Lotus Flavor at ECX) because it THE MOST AWESOME Watermelon Flavor and Vape experience I have ever had…It is that good… :slight_smile:

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Do you have a link to the one you got off Amazon?

Flavor Extract Natural Watermelon Culinary Use By Medicine Flower
Sold by: Good Earth Beauty


Thanks brother

You’re welcome… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link, FA. I just ordered Watermelon and White Cherry. BTW, I already have a bottle of White Cherry but the standalone juice I made with it a week ago tastes like… shoe polish? It’s spectacularly wretched.

I bought the WC from ECX after reading HIC’s glowing review of the flavor… “possibly the best cherry flavor ever.” and mixed it at 1.5% on a 50/50 base (PG, VG and VT nic were tested and good).

Thought that maybe, somehow, I could have added way too much flavoring, so tonight I pulled 1ml of the juice, diluted it with 1ml of plain PG, then shook the beejeezus out of it. Tasted a drop. Nope, still Shinola city. Added another ml of PG, more shakey-shakey… tasted fainter but had not a hint of cherry flavor.

Shoe polish at a week…absolutely gonna happen at what ever % you mix at…These flavors NEED to be steeped a MINIMUM of 3 weeks…preferably 3 1/2 to 4 weeks…The reason is that they are so concentrated of pure organic extractions, done entirely differently than the average flavors we typically use…There is no PG or VG in these flavors …They are an entirely different makeup…In addition…absolutely NO HEAT STEEP with these flavors either…

I mix my MF flavors at 2.6% in 40/60 PG/VG mixes… and 3% in 30/70 PG/VG mixes…froth…let sit until they re-liquify…cap on …steep…visit them daily to squeeze top air out (for about the first 10 days to 2 weeks)…cap on…shake…steep in cool dark place…I visit them daily hereafter also…shake with cap on…grab a smell to see how they are transforming…re-cap…steep…I MTL Vape, which is one reason for my higher flavor percentages…Sub Ohmers and Drippers can mix at lower percentages, however

With my percentages and steep time…I achieve authentic, bold flavor which is THE BEST vape experience, bar none…but I am patient with them, and allow the time to work, and follow a strict post-mix routine…and I am just sharing my experience with you…also there are a few threads in the forum that discuss how others treat their MF flavors…

Also…check out a site called OpenSourceVapes …you will be surprised at the percentages they use with these MF flavors…

Your show polish taste will go away if you take your time with these MF flavors…They are not, in my experience, a Shake-n-Vape type of flavor…These are extremely special flavors, and in my experience, should be treated as such…You will be amazed…

Also… being that they are organic, with NO artificial ingredients, and all natural…I store these MF flavors in the fridge…as many others do…HFC/CO2 extraction process is how they are derived from the actual fruits…The Watermelon will have you tasting the rind, which evolves into the juicy red meat of the melon, and as you vape during your session…the sweetness begins to really do wonders and just like eating a watermelon, for real…the flavor dissolves in your mouth…and lingers in your nose, and throat for about an hour after vaping…So I encourage you to take your time and be patient with them…You will be blown away… :slight_smile:


The thing that confuses me, is that HIC is well known for shake ‘n’ vape mixing and he loved the MF White Cherry flavor… our senses of taste just can’t be that different, can they?

Well, guess I’ll find out in a few weeks. I’ll use the new bottles of MF flavor and check results.

Thanks for replying!

An Update to this:

After many back-and-forths with Medicine Flower we have a conclusion.

They apparently receive many messages about the similarities between Watermelon & Honeydew, and it turns out that the product in the bottle labeled “watermelon” was in fact Watermelon. (There was no mis-labeling mistakes on our end)

We apologize for the confusion.

Happy to answer any additional questions!

I have correspondence from one of your representatives who took my batch number to the lab and stated to me that it was not Watermelon, but that it was Honeydew…As far as the vaping experience with my Water melon flavor this time around was compared to my first purchase of Lotus Watermelon, it was totally different flavor…Your representative did not mention to me that it was a labeling problem…she mentioned to me that it was indeed Honeydew, and that she could not make a substitution with a new Watermelon…See my correspondence (copied and pasted above)…Perhaps your representative was simply being kind to offer me a substitute in replacement?..

HIC does do a lot of shake-n-vape…He also mixes Max VG and vapes with an I Stick and Kanger Protank from what he has shared with me…He also likes his vape flavors mild,as well…I did read some of his other comments pertaining to some of these MF flavors (on Vape Underground aka VU) and did indeed steep some of them…He mixes at very low percentages as well…I don’t assume anything about any ones sense of taste, as we all know that taste is subjective…I go by experience and also research…I do typically mix higher than many mixers here, as do others…Just look for what works for you…I am certain you will find it and be happy…Glad to read that you are going to be patient… :slight_smile: