Love Them or Hate Them Smok Stepped up

Whether you are a fan of Smok or not they have stepped up where many have not.



I don’t use their tanks but I have a few mods and the latest one I got was the Smok Apriv. Support those that support us my motto


That’s amazing. I have bought quite a few smok products, some were flops and some where alright. I used them more when I was first vaping. Not a bad company, just not my style. I am super impressed with this information!!! What an amazing and patriotic gesture!!!
Edit: sometimes I’m an idiot! :roll_eyes::sweat_smile::grinning:


Not the biggest fan of Smok…but WOW, I hope that motivates the rest of the industry to get more involved as they should, it is there livelihood.

Way to go Smok, will now be more conscious to buy Smok stuff instead of staying away.

Edit: The Smok TFV16 with either the dual or Triple mesh coils is a pretty good tank. I can easily recommend the Smok Trinity Alpha as it really is one of the best pod based systems out there and I have tried a LOT.


That’s great, Way to go Smok! :fist: got a bunch of Smok products, mods / tanks, personally never had any issues.


Oh wow …that makes me want to buy a couple things from them…


:thinking: Ermmm… Ummmm…
They’re a Chinese company. :wink: chuckles

But at least they are actively (and financially) supporting the industry! Shockingly impressive!


Thats the long term goal that most companies miss and get their buck as fast as they can expecting the end and even worse digging the grave by promoting for kids such as voopoo and similar. i also heard that asmodus contributed in similar way.


There are a bunch that already have membership some have dropped a serious bit of coin

Smok just went up from silver to well above Platinum

Platinum $100,000
Industry Diamond $75,000
Industry Gold $50,000
Industry Silver $25,000
Industry Bronze $10,000
Industry Iron $5,000
Industry Keystone $1,000
Friend of VTA $100 minimum

I still use Smok products (Big Baby Beast) and don’t have any problem with the company. Kudos to them for the contribution!


Omg. I saw a flag and assumed if was a ‘Merica’ thing…deep derp!!!
Oh. And the “we will not forget…” reminded me of 9/11…


I never had much luck with the mods but love the BBB with the RBA head.
Very easy to build on and very seldom do i have a leak.
Thanks for the donation Smok


Welcome to elr @Pastorfuzz , I got a bunch of Smok mods and really never had a problem with any, (just lucky I guess?) It’s nice they include an RBA section with BBB, I had to order the RBA for the TFV12 Prince tank, really like it and more build room over the BBB😎


Thanks for the welcome!
I started vaping 3 years ago with a Smok Alien and the BBB tank.
I was lucky. Had a coworker that taught me how to build the RBA head right away.
I had very good luck with it and bought a few more BBB tanks.
There was a sale last year on the RBA heads for $2.99 (can’t remember where ) and bought 10 more. They even came with the glass. As far as the mods, I went through 3 of the Aliens within a year.
Went to the VooPoo Drags and no problems after that.
Squonking mostly now days with the Profiles and other RDA’s.


We went through 4 aliens and said no more! Eventually we found the voopoo and loved them as well!! We have collected quite a few!!!
ALSO a huge welcome to the community!! New voices and new opinions are always a refreshing surprise!! :grin:


I think Smok is building better now. You gotta remember that the Alien was the mod of all regulated mods at the time. All mods have improved in quality since then.

I just bought two different Smok TFV-4 tanks. A Micro with RBA head and a Mini that might also have or use the same RBA head. I wanted some small stuff for my small mods. They were both under $10.


My (adult) daughter has used a TFV8 Baby for nearly two years now -same one- and aside from some pink paint loss it is fine. Original o-rings even.


Old thread, bumping for Smok.


Close Encounters of the SMOK Kind !

Smok G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition, One of my Favorites!