Love this site, but dang

Guys, I’m really tired of my tab getting hijacked by these stupid ~flip the wheel for great fortunes~ garbage. Seriously. An ad that opens a new tab is one thing, but to shut me down and [back] wont work to get off the dang thing, that’s some creepy junk. Please review your ad revenue sources.


I am pretty sure that is not us it is you - sounds like malware to me. Try malwarebytes to try to clear it


Sounds more like you’ve got a virus. I’ve never seen such a thing coming from ELR.


Hmmm. Odd. I’ve never had an issue. Anyways. Welcome to the forum and great first post.


Using a browser with content filters would most likely help with that. If you are on mobile, be sure you have a good Antivirus. With a mobile browser such as Samsung, the Disconnect and Adguard extensions are pretty helpful. You are most likely getting random pop-ups, could be infection, could be your browser. This site does not redirect/open tab to any spin the wheels. :wink:

Sophos has content filters for Samsung/Chrome/Stock Browsers as well and is a strong mobile protection suite.


No malware here. This is a closely guarded device and literally clean. For poops and giggles, I ran malwarebytes on it. Literally the only suggestion it even offered was to have dev options turned off. Crystal clear. This is the only site where that happens ever. Its happened numerous times. If it helps, the only pages it happens on is when I’m scrolling through the details of a flavor looking for suggested percentages and notes. And, I know its not something leeching over from any other device of mine because I have all browser sync options turned off.

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I’ve never had that happen, but then I access ELR either from my home desktop or work laptop, one of which is Linux, and the other is a Mac


Never had this on any device.
neither amd64 linux Firefox nor ARMv7/ARMv8 Android.

I made a small donation so it might be something that happens to people who haven’t
If it does, it is a bit crap.


I’ve not had it either (touch wood).

What a PITA that would be! :triumph:


I never made a donation. No popups, hijacks, issues whatsoever


in 2 years on ELR I’ve never had that happen once, that’s some naughties on your PC, try logging in on a mobile, I’ll guarantee it won’t happen there too, and run Malwarebytes on your PC


@JSP254 it seems you are the only one having this problem. Maybe take a step back and try again to figure out why this is happening, dig a little deeper. It’s not us, it’s you :wink: I hope the issue is resolved quickly! Ain’t nobody got time for spin the wheel pop-ups!


I’ve had that happen randomly elsewhere but not yet here. It is a little seedling of malware that gets embedded somewhere along the way and manifests itself whenever it feels like it. It seems tied to here to you, but it is not. It’s more likely pornhub than here.


Nice first post. Years of being here, first as a stalker, then a member - never had any pop-up-under-over ads.


Next time it happens do a screen cap and post it. Won’t solve your issue but maybe someone else will recognize it.


If this is what it looks like, a Google search would have been the way to go.


As a former IT Support Master I can say Developers are the most likely to have issues… know just enough to be dangerous [insert HUGE wink**Hug emoji here] Not all Malware is detectable or easily removable, likely because you gave it permissions (unintentionally). Looks like a BHO to me. As a JAVA developer (perhaps) you can easily pickup (and execute!) a small .js even without clicking on a “download” … a “Driveby” in your temp files.

@Plunderdrum already gave you the fix, now avoid those murky web sites at work [even more hugs and winks and ROFL emojis here] and get any JAVA EEs from their source. Great post! Sharing is a big part of Member participation here …good or bad …We’ll get you to the “good”

Oh? How to get great service from your local IT peeps? Peanut M&Ms …just sayin’ …best way to keep my mouth shut about your PC troubles (while fixing it) is fill it with delicious delicious chocolate coated peanuts [currently out of appropriate reassuring emojis]


Been around for 3 years and never ever had any issues.

The IT guys around here will get you fixed right up. And for free


As a developer turned IT turned developer again, turned manager, I know exactly what you mean :slight_smile:


Been here for 9-10 months, always use my home PC, but today I am on my phone and never had any problems, not even on Porn Hub !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: