Luer lock insulin syringe

So I was at work and noticed BD now makes luer locked insulin syringes no more yanking the needle off ! Idk where they are retail wise but I just wanted to let everyone know they exist … I know it is a simple pleasure.

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I keep lurking around on Amazon looking at the glass syringes with luer lock. I think those would be great to have and much easier to clean. I wonder if anyone here has had experience with glass and if it’s worth the investment.

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I have a couple Seoh pipette pumps with metered glass pipette tubes. I have a 2ml/10ml/25ml tube/pump. They are fairly priced, easy to use and clean. My wife works in a lab and bought them there but they are inexpensive on Amazon and the exact same ones i have. I dont use the 25ml , the 2/10 work great for me. For PG nice they are incredibly accurate compared to bulb pipettes.

Thanks Ken. Could you provide a link so I know exactly what you’re referring to…please?

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They sell the other sizes as well, thats the link for the 10ml pump. I cant really search much more, this computer is very old and barely navigates Amazon. If you need more info i can run downstairs to my nerdery where the power is.


Nice ! Those aren’t in my area d/t the glass. Hmm handy looking gadgets that’s for sure. I like the ability to clean them and the fact that stubborn flavors wouldn’t stick to them. I may have to grab a few and test them out ! Are they in metric ?