Lush 22(clone)

I bought it second hand from a friend, also bought Demon Killer Clapception coils (0.35 Ohm) together with Wicker Beast vape cotton. As it was all so new to me I started doing research. Morten Oen (youtube) tought me to wick hard. Ohmboy Josh tought me about coil placement. Still I must be doing things wrong. After dry burning the 2 coils I put in and adjusting so they fire up evenly, wiking hard and priming the cotton, there is sometimes a strange taste to my vape. Something rubbery. After doing some more research I learned that it could either be machine oil or hotspots at the posts. I cleaned the rda with hot water and started over. This made no difference… Question is, how do I detect hotspots at the posts and/or is there another problem? Also people say that flavor is better when dripping in comparison to tanks but in my experience it is the other way around :confused:
I would like to switch to dripping because of easier flavor swapping and the extra DIY aspect. Some help would be greatly appreciated

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Make sure you wash everything before you build: coils, rda and your hands.
Try spacing your coils (check youtube, plenty good tutorials), it’s easy and prevents hot spots. Demon Killer doesn’t really have the best reputation for coils. Try some other brand or make your own coils.
Try different amounts of wick. The more wick, the better the wicking perhaps, but it also gives you more of a break-in time, meaning you’ll taste the cotton and can even mute your juice. I’m not familiar with Wick Beast but they do seem to get decent user ratings. Any organic cotton pads are good though, they’re cheap and easy to work with.

Every RDA has a bit of a learning curve to build right and it’ll probably take a couple builds to have everything perfect. Don’t give up, I’m sure you wont regret your purchase :slight_smile:


I think this is a personal opinion to keep open minded about. Demon Killer has been around for a while, and made a name, from what I remember, by selling the first multi-pack of non-basic level coils. (this is of course, at the time, they released. It’s safe to say that they made a reputation that was more-or-less positive in the community.

First, look at your juice, have you had it in a tank before, does it taste rubbery? or chemically? Did you make the juice yourself and have you tested it on anything else?

You can visual see hot spots in coils but how evenly they glowhot%20spot

the one on the left is a hot spot, the one on the right is a evenly set coil.

Dripping is usually better because you don’t have space restrictions like you would in a tank, unless its a big RDTA that is dripper size but tank capable like a 30mm tank, (VCMT, The Tank, Aromamizer Plus or etc).

The more wick isn’t always better either, because it can lead to dry hits. I been turning coils for about 3 years now and I’ve never heard a rubbery taste being referenced too. I’d un-coil, taste soapy water and clean everything, base, posts, mouth tip, cap, everything. Take new coils, coil, re=wick and drip, test, drip, test, drip.

If it still persists, i’d bring all of it to your LVS (local vape shop) and request for them to rebuild your rda. If you offer a few bucks for advocacy, (can’t pay for those services anymore, grr fda), a good vape employee should have no problem to take 5 mins out, especially when ist someone asking for help. (if you don’t have any more coils, they should have some for like $2-3 a pair)

report back with what you find out, I wanna know what they “rubbery taste” is

Not sure about your rubbery taste but please dont compare that rda to a flavor rda. I found that more of a cloud maker then taste, it also has what they try/call cyclonic airflow where the air holes are cut into at an angle. You can read up about others thoughts on the subject. My take is that it make the distance before the air hits the coil longer and that spinning of the air after the fact only makes the flavor suffer. After u find your rubber cause, you can try turning the barrel so the angle of the holes hit the coil directly and not right in front of them. Gl to you!!

Learn’t that from Morten Oen :wink: but thanks anyhow.
@DarkJester89 I will clean everything and try again, I still have enough coils left. The hotspots you see in the picture I already worked away during dryburning, my coils fired evenly from the inside out but I read somewhere that you can have those at the connection on the post and they (or he) discribed that this is a cause of a rubbery taste.
I don’t know and I have no way to search for hotspots once the cap is on. I had a dry-burn on a coil in my tank and that tastes different. I’m a beginner and I hope I don’t come across as a knowitall, I’m just trying to describe as good as I can what is going on :slight_smile: I get this rubbery taste only with a long draw, atleast what I call a long draw which is around 4 to 5 seconds at 60 watts with 0.2 ohms. In the shop they never heard of such a rubbery taste and they said they would ask around. Unfortunately it’s a bad shop and I never go there again. Thouroughly clean, recoil, rewick, prime, vape and report back…will do, thanks

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Is it safe to assume that you’re using quality wicking material and that it is ‘broken in’?

I honestly don’t know.

I’m just speculating but as all other possible reasons were already given…most wicking material needs a break-in period. Like a tanks worth of juice or so. Maybe that’s the cause?

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I do get a burnt tires taste from some flavors that are used in too high %, but could be any contaminant as well.

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Maybe it could be just that, it was with premium e juice (cosmic fog KRYP) and less with my Coconilla rum so we could be on to something. Burnt tire is exactly the taste I had.

Yaay! thanks to all you guys (and girls) and some pm’s from @Silhouette I finally found it. Turned out it was the o-rings. As I removed the old ones I saw they were flakey and I even found some of these flakes in the airhole ring. Cleaned everything, put new ones on and recoiled/wicked —> problem solved. Turned out I was in fact vaping o-rings. :biohazard: Well I guess this is how you learn. Thanks a bunch everyone!


Awesome! I’m glad I could help! I knew we would get it right by the 3rd thing :wink:.


goodness gracious, never heard that one.


I think your mistaken. They might have gained popularity but it isn’t for being a good coil company. Maybe a cheap coil company but nothing about quality. I’ll tell you, when brands like this that have “been around for a while” mislabel flat Claptons and alien Claptons, that in and of itself is a hint that this company might be cruddy.

Advanced vape supply, Coilology, and even Wotofo make some pretty decent coils and there not expensive. There more expensive that demon killer because the quality is much better. But there not marginally higher priced.

Demon killer coils won’t last, they taste like shit, they are contaminated Chinese wire with lack of good quality control. That’s the main thing. Chinese wire like demon killer has absolutely no quality control.

Also, there coils are not engineered for performance. They use 32 and 30 as wrap wire. There fused Claptons are garbage along with every other coil they make.

I am in no way trying to offend you. I feel obligated to tell you the truth about this company for health reasons. You have no idea if these things didn’t sit in a lead bucket collecting all the crap/ oil/ contaminates.

Don’t get mad, please. These are not my opinions. There are facts based on quality of anything Chinese made. Now, from a reputable company such as Vandyvape, geekvape, Wotofo your chances of this happening are slim to none.

Eh, I’m not mistaken in my opinion. The fact that vaping STARTED in china, it’s only natural that China is the first to hit the market for markets in that area. Vandy vappes hasn’t even been around that long, at least in main market.demonkiller has been widely available and it’s a personal preference on taste and bias of foreign market, but…sounds like you think folks should go American made and nothing outside the border.

But thinking about it. Quality of tech evolves over time, it’s comparing a 2005 used car used to a 2018 new model. Vandy capes is young compared to demonkillers, and it’s only natural that with that evolution to replace it as predessecor, but demon killer laid the foundation lmao

While you are correct… I like the car explanation, I’ll go ahead and elaborate. They cease production of cars after an allotted time. Demon killer still puts out garbage years after. There still selling those wheels off crap. While the have made attempts at bettering there wire it’s just a fact your going to have to accept that AVS or Coilology is just a much better coil company.

They at least give you the information on the exact coil and specifications.

I’m not here to upset you. I think you would do so much better if you started ordering a better product. Try demon killers alien coil, then try advanced Vapes. Or better yet there 4x28 40 wrap quad core fused Clapton. That coil alone blows demon killers pants right off.

That, and they offer so much more variety. I’m not slamming you for your opinion.

Just because a company was leading the industry ( which I don’t think demon killer ever actually bench marked anything they have always mislabeled coils) doesn’t mean that they will always. It’s cool though the loyalty you have for this product. That’s one thing i admire about your argument.

Well, that’s partially right on the production. They cease car production because folks…well…stop buying them. Demon Killers has been out for several years, (they are selling for years because folks, (not yourself, obviously) who appreciate the service/company.

As for leading the market, they were one of the first to actually sell pre-made coils in packs of variety (not just a pack of the same things, (that I remember that weren’t way jacked up prices, do you remember when people used to try to sell claptons for like $11.00 a coil, not a set…just one coil)

They were positively conceived by the community as being a great value blister pack, for the price of course. You have to remember that this is for the one that doesn’t want to pay the old wise monk who black-smithed the metal that forged the wire and spun the Clapton wire by foot under the full moon on a leap year while the moon-sun flower blossomed once ever 7 years. It’s for the ones that want the simplicity of not having to make coils, but not over paying for obnoxious long named coils.

Vandy Vapes is taking advantage of what is clearly an out-dated market, as well as whatever coilology (that’s a cute name)… im just not in the market for wasting money on coils that I can make myself.

I’m not slamming you for your opinion but I was already in the “make my own juice, make my own coils” before demon killer packs even came out so I never got into buying something I could make, and honestly just go with lightning vapes wire spoils, at this point in the game, its all re-labeled of stuff that’s been re-labeled.

(Demon Killer was notorious for listing single coil measurements, and folks used to get upset because they would use dual and it not being the measurement listed…i dunno if you fell into that trap but eh, pretty common thing, not defending its earlier days but for the average joe I guess)

I’m not sure what fact i’m going to have to accept, AVS, coilogy and demon killer especially all seem to be very striving companies, and i’m proud to see vandy vapes and demon killer being sold, arm in arm at my local b&m.

Your entitled to your opinion.

I must say that if I didn’t know how to build I would be starting to learn braid Coils. I do exotic builds 90% of the time. I like fraliens, 4 core aliens, multi core fused Claptons using 46g.

I have to say, I’ve been braiding, and certain braids are very pleasant. I’m talking just as good as any other exotic builds. I’m not talking vertabraid I love it, but I prefer a full Celtic braid or a 7 loop reverse slentre braid.

My argument really wasn’t about how much they sell. People buy turds, they don’t care. It was about quality. I would rather spend 20 on AVS that spend 20 with demon killer because a. I can buy different alloys, and b. Because the quality is so much better. They last much longer. Every demon killer coil I’ve ever used had broken down in less than a week.

Another biggie is they use 34 and lower for wrap wire. That is terrible. Might as well put a toaster oven inside your rda. I can’t stand 36, let alone 34 on a fused Clapton.

well based on your advanced intel on coils, your coil personality is 1 out of 100. (I mean this that you are one out of 100 people who demand the most exquisite of coils) Your market is in the higher community who needs a more catering to for coils.

If someone was just learning to make coils, and you throw out “man, you need to be getting on the full celtic braid 7 loop reverse slentre braid with a whipped cream on the side, or don’t even start at all” i’d ask you to leave the store.

gotta walk before you can run, but that’s just personal preference.

and dang, that’s pretty cool they have wire gauge that small now, maybe unnecessary but cool, the common sizes were like 26-32g, but that was years ago. I bought 1k foot spoil of wire so I haven’t needed to buy wire in a few years but spare me the “you don’t know what you’re doing man, you’re entitled to your wrong opinion” lmao

kudos to companies that can make it known, but you’re not taking into consideration that market that they are trying to appease too. opposite sides of the tracks really, advanced coils vs super- never-changed-a-coil-in-my-life-basic, you know, the “I-just-started-vaping-coil”

I like your personality though, but it seems like you would tell someone they aren’t a real vaper because “those coils don’t chuck clouds the way my cloud chucking coils chuck clouds bro”

you like to talk, and I like it lmao