Made a hardware purchace today

I seen a post on fb about the noisy cricket @ $10. So…I figured what the hay, my stingrays is broke so it don’t hurt to have a back up. I also saw ipv 3d for $28. So… I figured what the hay, it don’t hurt to have a back up… I also saw batteries 2 for $14 So figured I need to replace the ones I’m using, also I need some for my new mods so what the hay I got three packs, also picked up some .02 coils for my heriklys at $9.I figured what the hay…:smile:


Hey hombre, this looks like a topic for Vape Mail …also a great place to share online shopping deals
Read this backwards (up)

and a place to get discount codes and the latest hot Good Deals!


Ok, sorry if I mis categorized my post. Has anyone any experience with the ipv 3d mod.

I don’t have the ipvd3, but I do have the second version of the ipvd2 (d3 is the newest version of the d2) and it’s good little single battery device. I’ve had since October and still works just great.

Thanks, how is the battery life in it. I’m asking because I have the ipv li 3 it has two 18640 and they last pretty much all day about 14 hrs so am I right in thinking this should run for around 5 to 6 hours?