MADNESS: The Flavor & Cloud Chaser Dripper by Atmistique

Drippers are commonly used by vapers either for their flavor or for cloud chasing. I’m very happy to own the best of two worlds. A brand new flavor and cloud chasing atty, called MADNESS. It’s a creation of the well known Greek firm ATMISTIQUE, which specializes in revolutionary products, such as the “EVIVA” and “DIVER” atties and the ATERMON mechanical mod


Since I’m hosted in a forum with members that love their juices, I feel obliged to make a small parenthesis: My precious Eviva is well known as one of the best flavor atties. It comes with a ceramic cup but without the need for a n-r-n wire. It’s taste is unique and not only due to the ceramic cup. It can be used with every wire, both with VW and with TC mode. Eviva comes with a Tank and a Dripper version, with a ceramic cup and an SS replacement, but it functions well only for mouth to lung inhale, due to its small air holes.
Diver is an older model, a slim RBA atty with the size of a 510 carto. It’s paired with a cartotank and was an ideal RBA solution during the previous vaping era.
Atermon is the first mechanical mod with a side button.
As you understand, a boutique firm that supports their creations by keeping them at the market for as long as the vapers buy them and introducing new models every couple years, is choosy enough to introduce only carefully designed projects.


MADNESS was the big bet. Can a dripper do everything? Subohming and lung inhalecloud chasing without sacrificing the flavor? Can it function perfect with a dual coil 0.6 wire at 0.2 ohm and 60 W and also with a single coil 0.25 wire 1.5 ohm mouth to lung inhale?
Well, the answer is yes. MADNESS’s architecture is unique. Now the vaper can have it all!
MADNESS has two adjustable 3mm air holes facing the coils vertically (for flavor) and 2 4.2X3mm side adjustable air holes, placed horizontally to the coils. For cloud chasing all 4 holes are open. For mouth to lung inhale, the side holes can be closed. For a single coil, one of the two bottom holes can close, by turning the body. The body has 3 holes. Use the two facing each other to keep open the two bottom holes. Use the third to choose the hole next to your single coil. Even with a “lung inhale” setup of a dual coil, 0.4 wire, 0.6 ohm setup, you can see at the video that adjusting the airholes and the watts and changing the drip tip, I can either fog a room or vape discreetly.
Another pleasant surprise: The deck has a basin that can hold up to 1.8ml of liquid. The air comes via vertical air tubes to avoid leakage.
The wiring is easy. The screws are on the upper side of the deck and are huge. You van wire them with 0.25-1 mm wire.
The main body and the cup are attached using orings. The package has 2 sets of different size o-rings, for tight and loose fitting. I use the latter set and it’s as loose as it should be.
Last but not least. The drip tip is very wide and screws to the top cap. There is also an adaptor for common 510 drip tips, for mouth to lung inhale.
The atty’s dimensions are 32.85mm height, 22mm diameter. 304L SS for the deck and the main body, Ketron PEEK for the top cap, the adaptor and the drip tip, to keep high temperatures away from the mouth.
The package includes the Atty, the drip tip adaptor, spare o-rings and screws, rayon cotton and wire and a beautiful case.
Greek creators were and are the vape pioneers. From the GG era till now, they have put their signature in innovative atties and mech mods and are the spirit behind half the Chinese clone industry. I’m proud to own many of the authentic items. They are a bit expensive (but no more than a kayfun V4) but they are classy and classic. MADNESS is must have dripper that can be used with a great variety of setups and can perform perfect in less watts than other atties with similar set ups.
At 87€, here
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