Mag mixers need your input about nic

My other bottles are mixed with the egg beater from liquid barn are a 6 nic and taste fine

My two mixes I mixed with mag mixer . Both @ 6 nic I literally can taste the nic. reduced one down to 3 nic and nic taste disappeared…

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I’m no expert but maybe the egg beater introduced more oxygen into the mixes and affected the nic more than mag stirring did?


I Love my Mag mixer :+1:


i assume you mixed them at different times,… so…

a)have you checked the quality your ingredients?
b) are you storing them as supposed ? (away from heat sources / sunlight)
c) have you changed your build, wires etc?
d) have you made these recipes again in the past?

i can’t personally find an actual reason for this has happened…

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Got me stumped my self …

Mixes are fine . O nic premix

Only deference is one I mixed with egg beater other I mixed with mag mixer.

Egg beater - no strong nic taste @ 6 nic 30 ml
Mag mixer - strong nic taste @ 6 nic 30 mil Added 30 mil premix . Nic taste disappeared.

sorry, but when we seek help for something is better giving more info, i have no idea why this has happened BUT by giving all this info, someone else could have some idea about it…

I do not know if I understood the problem correctly, but was your nicotine mixed well with PG before including this in the two juices? shaken well the nicotine flask before using in the recipes! :pensando: