Magic Mask, MTS Wizard, Smooth

Does anyone use these?

I’ve been doing some work today on my flavor organization and was looking at different things I’ve collected over the years. Here’s an excerpt I have from a list of chemicals posted by a chemist.

Triacetin- Sold as Magic Mask by FA and is a main ingredient of MTS Wizard by FA, Smooth by TPA , and flavor toner/enhancer by FW. This stuff is used in many processed foods and in cigarette filters to smooth out harsh notes. It does this by temporarily numbing certain taste receptors in your tongue. This is the reason you can stomach breakfast cereals, microwave meals, and all the added paper and other trash they put in commercial cigarettes. Likewise, it can make some ejuices tolerable, maybe even tasty, that without it would be abominable. This stuff is actually amazing. If you really suck at diy, and your juice tastes like an abortion, you need this stuff; it can save even some of the worst tasting mixes. SIDENOTE: Triacetin is also the most amazing coil cleaner! It actually does for cotton what conditioner does for hair; vg slowly clogs wicks, and pg makes the fibers brittle, but it unclogs wicks and plasticizes fibers, leaving them flexible once more.

Looking at the similar topics here for these enhancers, they’re all 5-8 years old. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any of these listed in a recipe and I’ve been vaping since 2016. I remember I had bought FA and TPA ones in the beginning of my mixing journey but never understood how to use them properly.

I’m just curious if anyone uses them nowadays. I’m putting them into my basket for now (I just received orders from a couple of places…it’s always the way it works).


I use smooth on rare occasion. Magic mask and vape wizard iv tried years ago and never really offered anything good to any recipe for me


The only enhancer I have is Bitter Wizard (FA) and I haven’t used it yet. I got it in hopes of toning down those sickeningly sweet commercial juices that get tossed my way from friends sometimes. Or when I get curious and buy a commercial juice myself and get buyer’s remorse. What have they done to eJuice these days? I never remembered it being this bad.


That was basically my experience as well. I’m going to get some and give it another shot just out of curiosity. I’ve made so many things that I didn’t like so maybe I’ll give them a shot of this stuff before I throw them out.


Im a fan of FA’s MTS Vape Wizard. I found it best to thicken mixes otherwise lacking in mouthfeel.

Also, it can be used to smooth out some harsh notes in a mix, but this needs to be talked about. As an example, say you mixed a tropical fruit mix that contained watermelon, mango, and passion fruit. You solo tested all the flavors, and enjoyed them solo before throwing them into the mix. But once mixed together, something didn’t sit right, or you had some harshness that wasn’t there during the SFT. THIS is where you would use MTS Vape Wizard. But there is always the question of what exactly the triacetin within will block out. As you said, it blocks certain receptors on your tongue, but this effect works differently for every tongue. The only tip I can truly give is to start VERY low. Something around ONE drop per 10ml.

It is especially good for fruits with sharp notes, or harsh tobaccos. I don’t use it often, but whenever I do, it helps loads. There was only one or two occasions where I used it and it completely changed the taste of the mix. I believe both occasions were watermelon mixes.


That’s interesting. I find many fruits to be strong and overbearing. So now I have a starting point and can maybe put those 8 pineapple flavors to use. :grinning: