Magnetic mixer is awesome

I just got it today and don’t know why I ever shook a bottle. This thing was $30 on ebay and whips the thickest recipes with no effort. Awesome! If you don’t have one the I recommend that you do.



can you link the one on ebay you bought?


Yes, link us up! :smile:


Where’s the link?


Link is down! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just picked up another one on eBay for $50.00 shipped. If you are going to get one I would suggest you get a Corning!


mine was a used auction but there are lots of good deals on buy it now. mine was a obo and I got it for $15 less than the auction price whiched covered shipping.

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If anybody is interested in making one and saving a few bucks, I’ll try to include a link to a YouTube tutorial on making a magnetic stirrer. I found most of the parts at Radio Shack.

120mm, 12V fan $9.95
7"X5"X3" Project Box $7.49
5K Potentiometer $.99
SPST switch $.99
Rare earth magnets (2) $.99
12V Power Supply (thrift store) $2.00
Knob $.99
Spin bar magnet $5 - $10 on Amazon or Ebay
So, for $25 to $30 you can make your own magnetic stirrer.
Just go to YouTube and search on "magnetic stirrer"


You should be able to just paste the youtube-link on a line by itself - then it should how :smile:

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Thanks daath, that worked.

I just picked one up off a Ebay for 15 bucks and love it. It’s ugly but cleaned up nicely and works great. The seller still has one more left. He is only asking 20 bucks and I made a best offer of 15 which he accepted.
Heres the link

Today I took it out to the shop and shot a quick video of it that ya might like to see. Ignore the idiot (me) behind the camera. I’m terrible at making videos and sound like a freaking dork, and my old cell phone doesn’t shoot the best quality videos.

This works great for mixing up the juices :smile:


Holy crap that’s awesome!! I’m thinking I wasted money buying an ultrasonic cleaner now

I’m in the process of building one. The preliminary test works great, but I have to adjust the height of the magnets to the plate. Luckily I had 95% of the parts in my garage. I guess it pays to not throw anything away. :smile:


Thanks ! I thought the video was nice and no you don’t sound like a dork. Does the stirrer warm up ? Just curious. I will check out that link ! What size rods did you pick up. I may just do a 100 ml beaker but wasn’t sure what size rod. I should pick up?
Also wizardlabs in Florida sells the flat bottom beakers for a couple bucks cheap.

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Thanks @Amy2 The stirrer doesn’t heat up but you can find some that do … They cost quite a bit more though.
I bought a couple 1" stir rods. Seem to be a good usable size. They will fit inside a glass dropper bottle too for smaller mixes.
I bought this set of glass beakers. They work fine and are cheap, just the bottom of the 100ml isn’t perfectly flat but the other ones are. For smaller mixes (30mls and under) I think the 100ml is to big. The 50ml is about the perfect size for them.

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stir rods and magnets galore

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Thanks! I’ve contemplating one for a month. I don’t think I want the heating source seems like i only heat my juices in the beginning. As for stirring it will occur way more frequently.i think I would get a 50 and 100 ml beakers. I would prefer Erlenmeyer style beaker but was thinking about how difficult the magnetic stick would be to come out of the beaker with a neck that high up. Does anyone have any feedback as far as this concern goes ?

Thanks ! Now is there any info that helps us choose which size rod for a certain ml. I would think it would vary in size the larger the flask gets.


Your glass beaker link isn’t working. It just may be no longer available on that site.

Does magnetic stirrers reduce steep time or just a good stir method?