Make a simple recipe with not alot of flavors types

Hey guys!! I m looking to learn to do my owns recipes … And i want to start with skittles !! Like the one of phillips rocke !! Please i m asking for easy ones !! I want to know what i have to buy and i want it 80/20 and 3 mg of nicotine!! Im waiting till your learns!!

If you type in skittles on the calculator you’ll get three pages of recipes here is one that looks easy and good.

I get some of my flavors from there not too bad. for a stand alone mix and depending on how strong the flavors smell is, I start out with 10% and go from there, the e-liquid calculator is a really great tool. you can find a rainbow concentrate to simplify it for yourself, that’s how I started. good luck

Thanks for answers :)gentle persons with good answers are good for my start :slight_smile: and i learn how to work with the calculator recipe its easy and i ll look how is the results … But i bought some flavors today and i learned that i had a tpa distributor in my city … But the inconvenient is then skittles need some flavors different of tpa i m asking for a internet shop who got more than tpa ??? Where do you buy your flavors on the net with good prices?? I paid 18$/ for 60ml and the price was more costing for the delivery :frowning: but the thing is that i know it will value more than go to a e cig shop to buy some liquid all done

Are you in the United States?

If they say Colorado, I’m packing and moving there and going to learn extracting…

No i m from mtl :neutral_face:

I got an other question , in fact when you begining doing juice , rainbow dripp is not to hard to got a goos taste? When people start doing juice for there first times how much time of experimentation they need to try and if they do right on the receipe riten on the page …

Do we all time got to change a little thing of a receipe here?

You will see that people discussing recipes or flavors all the time say they like more or less of this or that when they are making something, or perhaps they are going to add something different to to a mix. That is because taste is “subjective”… meaning what you may think tastes like a good banana may or may not be what I think a good banana should taste like. The same is true for the recipes you mix. They might be perfect for you, right when you make them or you might decide to do something just little different, one important thing is to keep good notes, so when you do find a good mix or recipe you can make it again just like you did again.

Sorry, is that Montreal? I don’t know abbreviations very well. :confused:

Most of the suppliers I know are in the United States, since that is where I am from, but there’s a list of places on the resources page that you could check.

I believe it’s “mouth to lung” :smiley: badum-tscccch!

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That was the first thing I thought when I saw it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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