Making CBD - A little confused

So I plan on making some non vapeable CBD and am having a hard time finding the info I need. I see Nic Riv sells CBD supplies. Can a complete CBD product be made with just the mct based isolate, mct oil, and a terpene?

I’m assuming I could use the calculator here and replace my nic values with the isolate values, replace PG with MCT, and use the terpene as a flavoring. Does that sound correct? Any info would be appreciated, or even just a link to point me in the right direction. Thanks!


If your not vaping it you really don’t even need the terpenes as far as I know, although some terpenes seem to help cbd do different things, the research is very sparse though


If you have the time and don’t mind trace amounts of THC, make your own full spectrum oil from CBD flower, there are more beneficial compounds. Full spectrum is a vague term that is used to sell CBD. When you buy CBD oil it is CBD isolate and coconut/mct oil. Sometimes they add terpenes.
In my opinion it’s about your preferences and again what you have time for.
I used to buy isolate from Bluebird Botanicals.
Most terpenes that you can find are synthetic but for sublingual it’s fine. If you want it to really taste like hemp you can place an order for isolate at and then email them to send terpenes instead.
MCT is the best carrier oil for CBD, isolate or otherwise. Isolate will disolve easily in MCT with a bottle bath in hot water.
I am now making my own CBD oil out of CBD flower from and just like diy vape juice, it’s cheaper and better when you make it yourself!!! The full spectrum oil does more for my anxiety and well being/positive attitude than isolate & oil.
I hope this helps, finding info for cbd online is a chore!


@Alder_Farm have you ever shopped at ? I recently discovered that you can get CBD in flower form. I never really cared before but I stopped smoking THC even though it’s legal in my state. I just don’t like the mind buzz and edibles are just too expensive for me.


The CBD now days has less than .03% THC to comply with federal hemp laws. I can’t even tell it’s in there. I have not seen tryplainjane’s
flower, I will take a look. There is alot of CBD flower for sale out there and it can get expensive! I choose cbdhempdirect because the quality and prices are hard to beat. Especially if you are doing extractions. I bought a pound of trim for 60 bucks and 3/4 of it was buds!
As far as isolate goes, I’ve only tried a few. fullactivated and nudecbd were cheaper, Bluebird botanicals was the best (you get what you pay for, 5 grams for $100)
Unfortunately, for THC, the more the government gets involved in legalizing it, the more the price goes up. It’s cheaper to buy it on the street.
Since I quit smoking and started vaping I had to find an alternative to THC. After I started CBD I found that I actually prefer it rather than being stoned all the time.


Wow. I like the sound of that. So how are you consuming your CBD then? Oh, I see. You are making your own oil. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction on how to do that?

Ok then. That is nice to hear because I don’t like being “stoned” for a little while, let alone, all the time. I just don’t like the mind buzz but I do like what it does for my muscles and how it reduces my pain etc.

I assume you have done THC Edibles? How does it compare doing CBD as opposed to THC edibles?


You might want to look into thc-a, basically if you put some potent stuff in butter and make edibles but don’t decarb it first then the thc isn’t biologically available, but supposedly still provides the health benefits of thc without the high, worth looking into since you live in a legal state


Never tried CBD edibles. From what I’ve been told by people, if you have pain then having some THC along with the CBD oil is advised. Fishaddict420’s idea is worth researching, THCa may provide relief without the side effects.
Here’s a good read on decarboxylation
Just be aware, if you don’t decarboxylate the flower, it will be strong with terpenes! I like the taste but some don’t.
When I make CBD oil I decarboxylate one batch and not the other, then i mix them together.
You can find plenty about extracting online, RSO is the most popular except I use ethanol to extract the CBD (not isopropyl), then I add MCT oil after purging.


My bad, I meant THC edibles.

So the process is the same. Thanks.

I’ll do that, Thanks dude.