Making Cornish Cream Tea flavoring

Many thanks to this website, and to the members of this forum! I’ve learned a lot here!
I’m not particularly new to vaping, but for many months now, I’ve been lurking in forums, reading thousands of articles, and trying not to embarrass myself by asking silly questions. I’m going to try DIYing my own juice, so I’m forced to break my streak.
Since there has apparently been a concentrated effort on the part of FlavourArt to keep Cornish Cream Tea flavor out of the hands of Americans, I’ve ordered the flavors to make it myself. Not the juice, just the flavoring.
My question: after I mix the cookie, cream, and strawberry in the specified amounts, do I have to let it steep, or can I use it right away to start mixing other juices (like TOC’s Strawberry Shortcake)? And if it needs to steep, how long should I allow for it?

Again, to be clear, I’m just attempting to make the flavoring.


If you make just the flavouring you don’t have to let it steep.
Only the juices you make with them need to steep. Steep time is depending on the flavours, with creams in the mix you will need at least a month. But since taste is subjective you can try a little bit to test how it tastes every now and then and when it tastes good to you, you are good to go.


Why…We’re pretty likable aren’t we?
Can you share that recipe?

Thanks so much! Vaping itself is quite confusing, my desire to make my own juice – and especially a flavor that is so difficult to find – likely indicates some degree of masochism on my part.
Thanks again, it’s much appreciated.

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I certainly think we’re likable, but I believe we are being judged by our governing officials, who do NOT actually represent the rest of us.

According to FlavourArt, Cornish Cream Tea is comprised of Cookie (Biscotti), Cream Fresh, and Red Touch (Strawberry). For the flavor only:

Cookie - 30%
Cream - 35%
Strawberry - 35%

For the actual juice, I’ve read these percentages:

Cookie - 3%
Cream - 3.5%
Strawberry - 3.5%

Josephine recommends a month of steeping above, but I’m going to try speed-steeping, because I’m not a delayed gratification sort of person. :smile:

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Ahh ok. Got it! I’m a little slow on the uptake but you’re essentially talking about a flavor ‘stone’.
And not wishing to derail this thread by asking questions about the whole judging-governing officials thing (although I’m more than intrigued), I’ll just button up for the time being.