Making unflavored e-liquid

Greetings :slight_smile:
I’m going to make an 80-20 e-liquid with no flavor and around 4mg/ml nicotine strength.
I’m using 72 mg/ml nicotine base full pg. I used the calculator and came up with this combination:

424 ml VG
76 ml pg
30ml nicotine

I’m getting 530 ml e-liquid as u can see.

Do I need to add DW for diluting? or is it fine just adding these ingridients and vaping it?
and do I need steeping?

Adding DW is going to make your liquid a little bit more fluid (less viscose) and it’s going to add a little harshness to it too.
It is nothing but personal preference. If I were you, I’d try it out in small quantities (a few ml).

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Why on earth would you want to?

Do you really prefer the taste of vg+pg to all the wonderful flavours available to us?

Oh and no, you don’t need to steep unflavored liquid (i.e. VG, PG + nic). Just make sure that it is very well mixed so you don’t have nic hot spots.
Steeping is only needed to let the flavors do their little dance until they settle a bit and are behaving nicely :wink:


I have a friend that only vapes VG, distilled water and nicotine. He just doesn’t like any flavorings. I don’t understand it myself, but that’s what some people prefer.

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I like plain vg as a vape. I use it between flavors in my subohm tanks. Slightly sweet, no of needed.

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I also vape unflavored vg/pg quite often. It (imho) cleans off the cotton or wick from possible build up of flavorings when switching to different flavors in rda’s (but I also use it in my tanks as well).

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Unflavored isn’t as bad as you might think if you’ve never tried it. VG is kinda sweet so there is some flavor… It’s nice to vape if you have vaper’s tongue or to reset your wick like @CallMeTut said. It’s a good cheap way to keep the nic fits away…even at 0 nic somehow (for me anyway).

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If I don’t dilute it with DW, it will be very thick and viscose, will there be any problem for my cotton to put enough juice into coils? is 80-20 VG-PG with nicotine vape-able? can i vape it without DW?
I mean if I put a thick juice like this in my tank, is my cotton able to absorb it, since it will be thick and viscoe?

I need high VG cause I’m using aromamizer plus RDTA and it will leak with any juice lower than 75%.

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Yes 80/20 is vapeable. It will probably take a few extra seconds for the liquid to saturate the cotton, so it would be a good idea to drip the liquid slowly. I’m not sure if you are comparing 80/20 with flavorings to 80/20 without, but it will be the same consistency either way…You’re just adding PG in place of flavorings. You’ll be fine, so I wouldn’t use DW.

Edti: Just noticed you said you’re using an RDTA. In that case once you fill the tank make sure to let it sit there for a bit so you’re not getting dry hits.


What he said ^^^
If you don’t really have a sensitivity to PG, just use 20-25% PG and you’ll be fine.
If you’re often outside and it’s freezing, you might want to up the PG % a bit if you want to chain vape without dry hits or temp protection kicking in.