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Making your own nicotine base

So I’ve seen net, wasn’t until recently, oddly, after having been vaping for so long, and if chew, snus etc can be dissolved and absorbed by saliva then why isn’t it the same idea to extract nicotine into something that could be mixed into a base?

Ive seen that NET won’t have significant nicotine, does anyone know why? How about what liquid can dissolve nicotine? I’ve seen peg 400 I think it was, I’d think water would work

Thank you for any thoughts here out in left field, I still do have a cart of whole leaf tobaccos and plan to get to it one day even just for NET


I don’t think I would hassle this out.


Ouch, yeah no shit, thnx! But still I’d like a way, guess I’ll have to spend some time reading, must be lots of throughly understood extraction methods, I was looking for a cheat code :blush: