Malaysian Vape Juice...curious

I’ve been seeing alot lately about Malaysian juices. Do they tend to be very sweet or have koolada in them? Typically fruit type of juices, aren’t they? Just curious if someone could generalize them for me? Tnx.

To give you an idea, yes fruits, Mango etc. rather than Koolada I’d guess they used crystals or WS23, loaded with sucralose.
All together not bad, but nothing fancy or difficult to replicate, a careful watch on your layering and a week steeping and there you go…

i tried some horny flava juices in the past…

Horny Mango
Horny Red Apple
Horny Pineapple
Horny pinberry and
Horny Pomberry

imho (because taste is subjective) they were not so sweet as i would imagine, though that cooling agent was strong, the flavor in overall was just ok, nothing really special for a supposed “premium” series as it’s supposed to be… though the pineapple and apple had nothing to do with pineapple and red apple for real but the flavor was fine (i mean in not unpleasant or something)
as @Iv3shf too much cooling agent kinda like Koolada, or a lil stronger, plus too much sweetener (my wicks were screaming NO MORE after 2 fill ups) :stuck_out_tongue:

all this ofcourse is subjective in general, but since i am used making my DIY juices as i like or buying premium eliquids like Liquid State, Cosmic Fog, Charlie’s Chalk dust etc… i guess it’s normal having higher standards than those i tried… as i said that was my personal experience

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