Malboro Menthol

Trying to find a Malboro Menthol recipe for a friend’s significant other who needs to quit smoking.

I found several forums,

11% black honey tobacco-tpa,
6%TA blend-tpa,
3%Menthol-tpa. If you really want to blast your mouth go to 4 to 5% menthol.

I have read at the Western (Cowboy) TPA have a Marlboro similar taste. So it could be a good start + Menthol. I have not try it yet.

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A very good menthol flavour that sits well with tobaccos is Decadent Vapours mentholyptus.

You might like this, which only needs an adaptation to include a few menthol drops to your taste. = Western, Burley, DNB .

I find about 5 drops of menthol per 10 ml is strong enough using Note Menthol which I found on Amazon (just over 50% natural menthol crystals in PG). Use whatever menthol you have on hand.

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Red type blend is supposed to mimic marlboro red at 5-6%. Maybe smother some menthol on it could give you the result? Oh, and red type 2 actually have the menthol/mint added. Maybe you could go based on that?

Thanks for the help everyone, I tried an attempt 1 but i’m moving it back to private for more work. thanks again!

Ran across this today… might be of some help on your journey. :wink:

There could be a combo of these concentrates which might foot the bill. :thinking:

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