Malted milk biscuit recipe help

Hi guys I made this on 31st October

I have tried it today and the Flavour is good except I’m finding the biscuit isn’t really there do I need to give it longer for it to come through or could you give me any advice on if I should add anything


Before you change anything, let it steep for a few more weeks then try it again.


Okay I thought this might be the case. Thank you.


do you have the new or the old biscuit?
Your use of Biscuit (original) is kind of high… I use it anywhere from 0.25% to 1.50%. Even at 0.25%, I can taste/smell it from a SnV.

Have you done a single flavor test for this flavor? finger drop test? Could be something going on with the concentrate.


i would let it steep … if you like it now then with time it shld get better , but you may not end up getting the biscuit at all with the amount of butter/ cream/milk you have in the recipe …


I bought the biscuit a week ago from chefs flavours done a drop test tasted good


Okay what would be your advice with the percentages please


I would second that. Biscuit as well as the creams, in particular the milky undertones could be an issue here.

I noticed it in one of my cereal juices when taking (ooo) cream -milky undertones (pg) above 1.5%.

Not only did it get “sour” for me, but it also muted the bottom notes in my juice. So I was left with Just the brighter high notes.

Biscuit I use just like @anon28032772 @.25-1.5%. I don’t use inawera anymore since I hate that biscuit, using Jungle Flavors, same ratio. But I’ve tried and played with both. 1.8% it gets weird for me, at 2% it was not detectable in mixes at all.

Holy vanilla while can be used up to 4%, due to this not just being a simple vanilla and having all these creams, I would use it around .5 in here. If you lower the creams you could push it up if needed.

Never worked with malted milk so I can’t comment on that.

Golden butter is too high as well in my opinion. It’s more of a additive, I used to use it around .35-1%.

Biscuit itself has some butter nuances, that will the pushed by the golden butter, so I would throw (tpa) butter out or just use tpa and throw the cap out.

Since you don’t live in the US or order from chefs, give (fa) butter a try next time. 1 drop in 15ml juice would be enough but could be raised to .15-.45 if needed.

All this is only my opinion, if course you can steep yours a bit more, but it might not come through due to the other ingredients as @fidalgo_vapes mentioned.


Thank you Will make up a bottle when I get in

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I try to restrain myself commenting on % because what I taste and what you taste are two totally different things -I agree that the inw biscuit may be a little on the high side, but I think my main comment on this one would be the malted milk while it is a really good flavour I find that anything over 2.5% turns a bit funky after time. I also try to use with at least 2 other cream type concentrates to keep it in check.

That said if you like what you taste leave it as is.


On that fine note and wonderful segue, I can again retell my Malted Milk tale. I was brand new to mixing and that was one of the very first concentrates I’d ever mixed. I mistakenly thought it was Malted Milk Balls, for one thing And the other thing was I was convinced that every recipe needed to be 20%. So, this was mixed as a standalone at 20%.

It is literally mozzarella cheese at 20%, I sincerely mean it.


Snatch… TY I like lil gems of info like this, helps dial in stuff I havent tested yet.


What Would you recommend out of curiosity?

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He said don’t go over 2.5% The avg looks like it’s in line with that wisdom.

Average mixing quantity: 2% (Median: 1.5%)


What about this

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Just updated it again

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Id drop out the Golden Butter @ 2% it gets oily Just use the 0.5% Butter TPA. or 0.5% Both if you insist

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The first thing that jumped out at me was the malted milk as @woftam said drop it down. I find it a little hard to work with as i pick up the funky notes in it easy. Imo i would drop it out altogether and go with something like a Bavarian cream. I am a little surprised you can’t tast the biscuit up this high :thinking:


opps someone left their bottle cap loose. Dang now I gotta ck 100 bottles.


Try the malted milk at 1.5%
I agree lower the holy vanilla to 0.5%
Lower the ooo MU to 1.5%
Lower the biscuit to 0.75%
Drop TFA butter altogether or reduce to 0.25-0.33%
Lower Golden butter to 1-1.25%

Better flavor options for this profile and considerations for pairings…
NF Malt 0.5-0.75%
Olive Nation Malt 1%-1.5%
JF biscuit 0.75-1.25%
FA biscotto (cookie) 0.25-0.75%
Cap butter cream (0.5-0.75%)

Edit: FLV milk n honey pairs great with malt profiles 0.33-0.75%, i dont get milk or honey from it but rather a malted type cream