Mancunian and oh so very proud ❤ Fund Raiser for the Manchester Bombing

So immensely proud of my home town today, I know I don’t have to tell any of you about the horrendous cowardly act that has taken peoples lives in Manchester, including children as young as 8, but the way the whole city has pulled together to help in any way possible is just simply unbelievable. People putting up strangers in there homes, taxis working for free, the homeless running into the arena without a single thought for their own safety…to pull nails from the faces and bodies of children while they waited for the emergency services, and nearly half a million pounds raised in less than 24 hours to help the victims and their families…sure…we’ve dealt with terror attacks before…but never one so callous as to target kids…so as a fellow Mancunian I stand proud with my city, my middle finger sticking firmly in the air, and a resounding ‘Fuck you terrorism’ from my bleeding heart.
The crowdfunding page for donating money to help the victims and their families is…

Please give what you can no matter how small.
We will not live in fear and we will not bow down to these atrocious human beings…I use the term loosely.
Thanks for reading.


Beautifully worded. :kissing_heart:


It got me today as i pulled onto the drive at home, Keira rushed out of the front door to greet me with a big hug…and I instantly thought of the people that won’t get that again with their kids…just because they bought a fucking concert ticket, it’s just so heartbreaking and senseless.


Back when I was on FB, I saw a lot of snide crap from people saying thoughts and prayers are useless.

That’s CRAP!

Without going into details, I’ve been on the recieving end of “thoughts and prayers”. It does help in ways that nothing else can sometimes. When you can’t send money and you’re too far away to give blood or physical assistance, thoughts and prayers are all you can offer. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not helping. Our neighbors across the pond are getting a lot of these from me this week.


That was a shocking tragedy, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing last night. Your heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones. It also showed the spirit of the people as they rallied around and did everything humanly possible to help those in need.


You have a lot to be proud of. You all are awesome. As a member of the somewhat sane, I’m proud of you all as well.