Mango Ice Recipe?

Looking to make a mango ice recipe for my buddies dad. I’m not into menthol or the cooling sensation so this is hard for me to nail down. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. So far I came up with : Costarica Special (Mango) (FA) 4%, Extreme Ice (FW) 1%. Added a little DX Peach (Juicy) (TPA) 2.5% because the mango didn’t seem juicy to me but I’m not a big mango fan so I need a lil help if anyone out there has any input I thank you in advance.

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Costa Rica special is pretty potent, I’d probably start a little lower than that. I like it around 2% personally. To juice it up a little, maybe trya touch of inawera cactus or a pear or some fa Fuji.

1 Like has a flavor called Mango Sorbet - it’s sweet Mango ice. you can use it solo at 8 to 12% - depends on how strong you want - i love it
i love mango ice or cream mixes. currently vaping a mango yogurt (inspired by some real ice cream i had recently) and it’s so good.

here’s what i managed to learn along the way - there are much more experienced mixers here - i’m just sharing the limited knowledge

  • real mango flavor, may need to mix few mango flavors together - depends on what “mango” is to you - i mix TPA Mango and Philippine Mango
  • pop up mango flavor with a hint 1% or so of papaya or passion fruit flavor
  • if you use marshmallow or EM, go easy (0.5%), Mango flavor can be muted quick
  • can use 1% Red touch (strawberry) to add fruity sweetness
  • if you need to use some cream … little CAP vanilla custard works well - adds sweetness too. i got my best “mango cream” results when i mixed CAP VC1 (2%) with Vanilla Bean Ice cream (1%) and Dulce de Leche (2%) -this was the backdrop for the mango

nothing special i can say about the cooler/ice, i guess you can use whatever brand that works for you

does this help


I’m going to try it starting at 2% and add .5% of cactus and go from there. Maybe my % starting off was just to high. Thanks…

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That would be great if I could get a concentrate that I didn’t have to mix 5 different flavors and still miss the mark. I will look into that mango sorbet for sure. Thanks man!!

Yes yes mango sorbet is excellent!

Please, do yourself a flavor…I mean a favor, and start with Golden Eye (PUR) for your mango.

If he likes/loves mango, then he has most likely eaten many different varieties of mangoes…
and Golden Eye (PUR) has many of them in one concentrate, and you don’t know which will come thru
at any given time.

(PUR) is also getting ready to release some menthol(s) that will pair perfectly with the Golden Eye, and
I hope one of them is the [Arctic Mint].

Contact @Nicotine_River and ask them about the menthols…the mango is already available. They already have the Butter Mint (PUR) which would be a good place to start.

If you love mangoes, and are not a ‘menthol’ vaper…Golden Eye is a super stand alone vape.

Just play with the menthol part… and get a hold of Wes @Nicotine_River and see when the menthols are coming out. He doesn’t bite, and if he did, he has been ‘vetted’ and doesn’t have rabies.The great thing about the (PUR) is that the flavors blend so well together.


So helpful …

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If anyone is still looking for a Mango Ice recipe… I have 2 simple but effective ones for Pod-type devices here.

Mango Ice v1.0

  • Cap Sweet Mango 20%
  • Cap Super Sweet 0.5%
  • WS-23 0.5%

Strawberry & Mango Ice v1.0

  • Cap Sweet Mango 20%
  • TPA Strawberry Ripe 8%
  • Cap Super Sweet 0.5%
  • WS-23 0.5%

The Strawberry & Mango Ice for Nic Salts is currently in my ADV rotation, and the Mango Ice recipe is an adapted clone of Fat Boy (Mango Ice) by Nasty! Which I believe is a Malaysian brand. The original clone was 1% TFA Koolada and 1% TFA Sweetener, while my go Tom’s are WS-23 and Cap Super Sweet respectively.

These are subject to change, probably adding some complexity at low percentages to make it juicier. Maybe some Cactus 0.5% & Dragonfruit 1% in the Strawberry Mango or some sort of Peach if you have it.

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