Marlboro smooth

Does anyone have a recipe for a good marlboro smooth? I know NOTHING about the tabacco side of things here but my wife would love this so please help me out. Thank you in advance!


I don’t think i have ever had a Marlboro Smooth.

FA tobaccos is a good base for a cigarette though.
Simple Cigarette
0.3% Burley FA
0.1% Virginia FA
0.2% Maxx Blend or Soho FA

Camel Cigarette
0.3% Burley FA
0.1% Virginia FA
0.2% Desert Ship FA

’‘I never liked Marlboro Lights much, but the Flavourart “Cowboy” flavor at 1 drop/5ml liquid reminds me very much of a Marlboro Light. Same slightly sweet/spicy flavor that I taste as the primary flavor in that smoke.’’


Capella Cool Mint does a really good job of mimicking that soft, cool mint with just a hint of Vanilla that you find in Marlboro Smooth. It doesn’t have too much of a cooling sensation, so something like FA Polar Blast or Flavorah Ice would go nicely. If you want a cigarette flavor, Flavorah Sweet Cigarette or Commercial Cigarette are great. If you are going for authenticity, Flavorah Classic Cigarette is ashy, tastes like tobacco and combustion.

For simple Tobacco flavors, FA Soho and FLV Virginia are easy to start with, and very forgiving.

You should ask her, does she want to have a tobacco taste, or a burning cigarette flavor. Some tobacco flavors are bright and leafy, and don’t give of a combustion flavor. There are so many to choose from!


Would probably have been helpful to have known Marlboro Smooth is a menthol cigarette…
Black Fire FA at 0.1-0.2% for the ash and burn?