Marlboro/tobacco flavor simple recipe?

Hello guys,

For someone i am searching a basic recipe that smells/taste like marlboro around 6/12mg.
He is smoking for over 40 years and asked me for a mix but i can’t find it or either i never tried tobacco flavor,

Any suggestions ? like one shots or small required flavors

Thanks :slight_smile:



There’s plenty to choose from over on the recipe side…whether they are close to what you are looking for, I know not

And I don’t know if there’s anything in here that might help? -

In terms of oneshots - whereabouts do you live? A quick google search shows there are some available. Another option to consider is NETs…but that’s not a short-term fix. You can read more on NETs here -

(there are also other threads on NETs if you are interested - just use the magnifying glass at the top right of this page to do a search :+1:)

Good luck in your quest!


If you are looking to create and experiment with synth tobaccos here is a handy list that was posted at one time by @Kinnikinnick as his “pick of the litter” from his testing of hundreds of synth tobaccos that are commercially available.

If you are looking to try real NETs just to see what that world is all about then I am going to PM you with information on that.

Have fun !

@Kinnikinnick 's List:

Super Concentrated ~
French Pipe
Black Mile
Seven Stars

Inawera ~
Dark for Pipe
Black for Pipe
Gold Ducat
Tobacco Garuda
Dirty Neutral Base

Flavour Art ~
Dark Vapure
Maxx Blend

Hangsen ~
Black Label (Dijarum)
Pipe (French Pipe)
Elder Captain

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Ultimate Turkish FA
Desert Ship Blend FA
Black Honey TPA
tobacco absolute ecx
Extreme Ice (For mentholated)

I tried western TPA and its yikes,
Dirty Neutral Base INW is supposed the bees knees but I haven’t used it in strong enough to really get the ashy taste.

As a background for what I’ve been following this type of venture is that my friends fiancee’ wants to quit but she wanted a malboro smooth, and i’m trying to counterbalance and get it just right, Black honey, ultimate Turkish, tobacco absolute was just right for me, with extreme ice at about 2%

i’ll unlock the recipe if you are interested in my notes, the further I went away from those flavors, the worse the sampling got.

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At what %? How long steep?

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I used it at 4% and it wasn’t tobacco, it was like…vaping dirt almost, (which I know it tobacco-ish) but I cut it down to 2 but I’m planning on omitting and going back to square one for my original plan of discussed earlier. (its not quite a cigarette flavor I ended up with, but like a smooth cigar menthol.

…very nice flavor lmao

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RY4D at 4%
Black Honey 5%
Tuscan Reserve 3%
Extreme Ice 3%

This is what I built off of sheer luck/what I had on hand at the time, before I bought more stuff. I’m going to match a batch of this again and make sure its what I remember

made this again, steeped for a few hours, and its what I remember. extreme ice might have to go down to 2% though my latest rendition, quite happy with the turn-out and will probably fold into my adv’s. I switched it from malboro smooth to menthol because its not quite malboro. anyway, hoppe you enjoy.