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Marshmallow instead of super sweet?


Ok I guess I got thrown off when Wayne of DIYorDIE said “use 1% cc and 1% mm instead of sweetener”
But I’ll just experiment till I get something I like.


Sounds good… Im cutting down on sweeteners also.


Probably was based on a specific recipe of his. I dont think he meant it as general rule. I don’t watch him therefore I can’t speak on the statement he made and the context. sry.

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I watched a video by DIY University, talking about sweeteners and one guy said: mix Erithritol with stevia in and it takes the bitter out of stevia and increases the sweetness of the Erithritol.


Yea I remember, I noted it… he and others use CC/EM to make a fruit or mix more candy’ish. Id do it if it was a 5 day steep and vape mix or adding the fruits later, but for longer steep not sure Id temp it.

Edit: or fix a mix with heavy noted they want to mellow


Since Erythritol won’t dissolve (and stay dissolved) in PG and will reach a saturated solution at around 6% that won’t work if you are using powders.

If you mix a 5% Erythritol in VG and @Chewy 's pyure clone and use them in a mix as I mentioned in a post above it will work


A bit dangerous as a blanket statement…(though I realize you cited TFA) it’s worth mentioning that not all marshmallow is the same. (Especially when talking with someone new(ish) to mixing.)

There’s a wide range in reality.
And judging by taste and effects in mixes, I would say not all have EM (or at least, any “notable” quantity)

All of the following have some detectable differences:
FA marshmallow
Cap marshmallow, new
TFA marshmallow
FLV mm
FW mm

(for the record, I have no experience with FW marshmallow)


You forgot (pur) marshmallow and (ooo) marshmallow (vanilla) granted they are more fluffy whip marshmallow but hey still marshmallow!

Just messing with you but loved pointing it out, Sir :wink:


I used it in this context -

It wasn’t ment to be offered as a blanket by itself. But i understand how someone new might see it that way. :wink:


Lol no problem!

Just listed off what I’ve used for the most part.
Tossed in FW for good measure.


Yeah I’ve seen that video.
And this one: https://youtu.be/PCrsvNVaTXM
And this one: https://youtu.be/Hggxwqq6aM4
And this one: https://youtu.be/hIfoutQTEgg
This one too: https://youtu.be/O1_Up0XBEIA 28:18 is where he says to mix stevia and Erithritol.


CAP Super Sweet

Ultra Sweet by Great Lakes
Ingredients: Water, Sucralose,CitricAcid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate.

A Canadian company. :canada:


CAP Whipped marshmallow
CAP Marshmallow
OOO Powdered suger
FW Salted Caramel
TFA Brown sugar
TFA toasted marshmallow
Cotton candy (by anyone)
CAP Cinnamon sugar
I hear are good sweeter flavors.


You seem to have done your homework and yet your question is showing some confusion (correct me if I’m wrong).

Your question would be totally OK if you are talking about a specific recipe, but there’s no general rule where you can replace a flavor enhancer with a real flavor. Flavors that can give a sweet touch to a recipe (caramel, marshmallow but also pineapple, sweet cream, sweet strawberry and many more) could be a valid replacement in certain recipes, but they come with a certain flavor profile that won’t work for just any recipe.

Pure flavor enhancers, like sucralose, EM, stevia or others are not fundamentally changing the nature of the flavor profile and should be treated in a slightly different way. I’m not claiming that all these enhancers will work interchangeably because they won’t, just that you should look at them and treat them in a slightly different way than your regular flavors.

You can swap an enhancer with a flavor, or the other way around, but that’s really on a recipe by recipe base and not a rule that you can apply to all or most recipes.


The thing is that, using marshmallow of any kind will make your mix sweeter, but will never be as sweet as sweetener like Cap Super Sweet.

If your friend want commercial juice kind of sweet, you’ll never achieve that by any sweet flavors, you could only achieve that by using sweetener.

There was a new sweetener called sugardaddy by broke vapors (?) I think. It’s said to be better than stevia (at least the new stevia)


Totally agree with the rest of your comments, but wanted to make a distinction. :wink:

I know it gets used somewhat loosely around here occasionally, but there are important differences between Pyure (as seemingly referred to above; “the new stevia”), and pure Stevia (Rebaudioside A).

Pyure has all kinds of ‘side’ ingredients (and as you mention, and according to other comments I’ve read elsewhere here), has evidently changed formulas.

Pure Stevia frequently comes in powder form, which is great for making your own. But can also be found at vendors in both water, and in PG with no other additives for convenience.

Personally, I prefer pure Stevia. It gives me the option to add citric acid, etc (which are in Pyure) or not!

YMMV of course. :wink:


Ah, I mixed them up. Sorry about that OP.

Can I ask a question @Sprkslfly ? This powder stevia, how high do you used it before it taste bitter?

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Honestly, I haven’t been bold enough to try “that high” yet.

Given that the bottle said 1/80th of a teaspoon…
I just did the “ever so slightest pinch” into 10ml of PG. And that seemed to be ok for me. (Not much help I know, but since I measure using syringes, I don’t have a scale that does 0.01 accuracy to know exact figures.)


Interesting. Where can I get more info on mixing stevia? How about this for a sweetener?
Stevia 5%
Erithritol 5%
Ethol Maltol 5%
Xylitol 5%
CAP SS 10%
PG 70%

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This is my recipe:
CAP Whipped marshmallow 2%
CAP Marshmallow 2%
OOO Powdered suger 2%
FW Salted Caramel 2%
TFA Brown sugar 1%
TFA toasted marshmallow 2%
TFA Cotton candy 1%
TFA Pear 2%
CAP Cinnamon sugar 2%

How much SS do I need to make this actually sweet? :wink: