Marshmallow instead of super sweet?

Hi, my friends like sweet vapes and I know CAP super sweet will clog coils so how much % CAP Marshmallow would be equal to 2% CAP Super sweet?
I also have some TFA cotton candy circus (5%EM).
I have ordered Erithritol and Xylitol in powder from but I want to mix something today. Thanks.


ain’t gonna happen


Unfortunately for you it doesn’t work like that. Those are two different products entirely. Marshmallow will give you a sweet sort of note but it’s not a sweetener. Ethyl Maltol is probably your best bet but it won’t sweeten like you probably want it to. Plus it tends to mute flavors.


What about 2% mm 2% ccc = 1% SS? .50%?
It’s disappointing when a friend buys $20 commercial juice rather then my free testers.


I’d focus less on ‘commercial type recipes’ and more on developing your own creations. Juices don’t require sweetener to be good.

I’m not against sweetener. I use it in some recipes, but very sparingly. It can help brighten a recipe but honestly, I can’t see why huge quantities would be needed.


flavorah sweetness is what I now use if I’m going to use any sweetener and never above .5pct and that’s for a pod recipe, I do still like to use MM or FA meringue to add some sweetness but like others have said MM isn’t going to replace SS in a recipe especially CAPS


Probably not. Plus you haven’t mentioned the recipe that you want to add this to. You may end up totally f****** it.


There is probably a deeper issue than getting the sweetener right. Can you share a recipe or two that didn’t make the cut?



Marshmallow I wouldn’t do it… Has some Maltol may mute your recipe if adding other flavors with Maltol, or using it higher as a sweetener.

Maltol >= 1% and < 10%
Acetyl Propionyl but not enough to get peppery <0.5%

Another idea would be…

Erythritol doesnt sweeten by itself… but works with sweetness that is already present in the recipe. It might be something to try with say 0.25-0.5% Super Sweet. Not sure how much it will boost the over all sweetness perception.

But it looks like something to test out if you want to reduce the % of sweetener used, and have it seem like it’s sweetened at a higher level

Erythritol Flavor Profile
At low levels can alter the perception of sweetness, but does not impart sweetness at the levels used as a flavoring ingredient.

I use SuperSweet at these levels. Since Ive been DIY’ing. Ive been reducing it over time. Finding I like it not as sweet as I thought I did. So 0.5% is good FOR ME now.

I also use Vanillian for a tad sweenter boost. It’s also said to enhance the Vanillas in the MIX. But I love Vanilla so much never could add enough of it without ruining everything. :slight_smile:


Wooops. You said CAP’s. Never used that but it also looks like it can contain more EM then TFA.

If you try Erythritol pls let us know. Anything added can alter flavors and profiles. Personally I probably won’t ever use it till it’s tested by other more. I just don’t want to have to retest everything with Erythritol added to see what it does. :wink:


Yes my early recipes used lot of ingredients at very low %'s because I watched DIYorDIE but now I think those recipes are more for RDA. My second batch is higher flavor percentages. Here’s a recipe that didn’t work but is OK doubled and with 2% SS:
TFA Strawberry ripe 5%
Bavarian cream 3%
Graham cracker clear 2%


I hate commenting on % but 2% ss is a lot. Your flavours will have trouble showing their faces but hey everyone is different.

Erythritol I have used and generally never use except when paired with stevia (3 parts stevia to 1 Erythritol) it does a fantastic job of altering the stevia backnote. But as a stand alone sweetener it doesn’t cut it.

Xylitol I have never used nor have i ever researched.

I would suggest using stevia (pyure or a clone of pyure)


I looked for stevia but none of the 5 vendors I use (in Canada eh) have it.
In fact only one had Erithritol and Xylitol - Fusion Flavours.

Edit: just ordered stevia powder from canvapes


The good thing about Super Sweet is that it doesn’t contain any EM or Maltol, so it won’t mute like those 2.
Water, Sucralose (~10%), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

IIRC TFA Sweetener has 5% sucralose and 5% maltol


Ok, gotcha! What type of atomizer/coil/power are you and your friend using?


I just going to repeat myself since I can’t find the other topic.

There’s nothing out there that’s a substitute for super sweet, unless it’s super sweet by a other brand, and even then it’s not equal to cap!

So whatever sweetener/flavor you think off, nope it’s not useable as super sweet, not even if thrown in at higher percentage.

Are there other sweeteners out there that are good? Yep you named all of them. Are they a substitute for ss? No! :rofl:


I’m getting a bit bored with this guy, but he does have some decent content sometimes…
Have you seen this vid?

It’s a bit old but still useful today


Yes I have to finally submit to your wisdom. I deleted all my substitute 1 for 1 flavors. Not saying I won’t sub flavors. But For sure every flavor is an unique entity by itself.

On another note… I have stevia and yet to try it more. But mine seems to gunk-up my dripper bottle tip. Anyone else have this happening?


I’m using aspire breeze 2 pod system, 12-15watt for saltnic, and a sbody70(?) for freebase at 40-50watts. Friends also use tank systems freebase 30 & 50watt. One of them likes almost everything I’ve made, the others prefer their commercial juices but are willing to try my stuff.
I. Make a 15ml 0MG 70/30, steep a week, then split to 5ml with 10mg saltnic PG for 60/40, and 10ml with 5mg freebase VG for 75/25, and sreep another week. That way I can test on both systems.

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I used stevia for the longest time, but I used to use pyure (old formula).

After they switched the formula and removed the preservatives, mine tasted different. Like I could taste the bitterness that stevia can have. But I never noticed any bottles gunking.

the last 6 months I’ve been using (flv) sweetener since it tastes like stevia. Is it stevia? I don’t know because I’m too lazy to load the sheet lol.

My coils are fine but I only use it between .10-.25% if even. Most of my juices are without added sweetener and just rely on the sweetness that’s in most concentrates anyways.

So if you have diy stevia or the new pyure maybe take a look at this one. Other then that I don’t know what the issue could be.