Marshmallow mint

i am just getting into mixing and looking for any help on creating a recipe that resembles Scentsy’s marshmallow mint scent. if anyone can help me with that it will be much appreciated

Hiya Spike. Welcome to ELR!

Do you want your vapor to smell like marshmallow mint by Scentsy or do you want it to taste like the odor you smell?

Can you describe the scent or link a description of the sscent.

if i can kind of get it to taste and smell like it, i would prefer that, but actually it doesn’t really matter to me either way. but it is a marshmallow butter mint scent

So you’ve tried to recreate it? Mind if I take a look at the recipe?

i haven’t tried to recreate it yet, someone gave me a good starting point on another forum. here is what they gave me.

CAP Butter Cream 4%
FW Candy Cane 3.5%
FA Caramel 0.5 %
TFA Cotton Candy (10% EM) 1%
CAP Sweet Cream 1%
TFA Sweetener 1%
TFA Toasted Marshmallow 9%
CAP French Vanilla 1%

im sure there will be tweeks to it. i was just wonering if anyone else has tried to tackle it.

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I found this about the scent:

“Every year at Christmas, my Aunt makes Grasshopper Pie for our family party. This is almost exactly what it smells like! Cool mint is wrapped in a creamy marshmallow and the faintest scent of Oreo cookie crust.”

So if anyone knows what a Grasshopper Pie is it might be easier?

“There is a total infusion of chocolate and mint flavors in this pie, which begins with the crust. Instead of using a plain ol’ chocolate cookie crumb crust, Cool Mint Oreos are used for an even bigger pop of flavor. Add to that a healthy dose of crème de menthe and crème de cacao, and you have a perfectly balanced, fantastic-tasting pie.”


The cotton candy and the sweetener are both sweeteners so you may could drop one of them. The toasted marshmallow at 9% looks awful high. That’s all I got. Maybe someone will come along soon and help more.

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ok, thanks for the advice

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Check out Flavorah’s Creme de Menthe. It’s pretty strong, so a tiny bit would work, but I can vape that stuff single. And that’s saying a lot cuz I usually don’t like mints or menthols. It tastes like an Andes mint to me.


ill defiantly check into that

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