Marzipan by INW

For the life of me, i cannot find anywhere to buy INW’s Marzipan flavor in the uk/europe, heck it’s not even on INW’s own website! I was hoping if anyone here is from Europe and could shed some light on finding this flavor?

This work?

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Thank you so much :smile:! How did you find that website ? I went through pages on google and came up with nothing :sweat:

I just googled “marzipan inawera”…and it was the third option under two ELR links. :wink:


hahah I just love that :smiley:

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Yeah I thought that was pretty awesome, too. :smile:

Might be a bit off-topic but… the Marzipan from German Flavors is just spot on. 50/50 PG/VG and percentage as labelled.

The Fu is strong in this one. :wink:

I’m not sure if it is too late but I just picked up a refill bottle myself and I prefer this site for purchasing direct, when being here in the states, super cheap all things considered!

I have looked at winkel’s too and find they are both similar but these guys are super fast and cheaper (I think, can’t say for sure on each flavor)

Marzipan is available direct from Inawera at the moment…

Thet are also doing a valentine special here a few of the concentrate range are half price i.e Vanilla Bourbon and a few at 25% off.

Can’t filter concentrates only so ready made liquids showing as well as the concentrates.

Just get FA Marzipan much better than INW, just don’t get why everybody is trying to get this flavor, must be DIY OR DIE trend.

BCV now expanded their INW line and carry all of this FYI

Define ‘this’

Sorry I thought I was on my shisha thread but for this thread…Marzipan

I just checked BCV to find they now carry almost everything I just ordered from Poland. They still cut all of their Shishs though :frowning:

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they only have th sb and van shisha, sadly enough…what else di you order from Poland that they now have? i’m curious?

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They used to have a lot of the shishas and then they removed them all but 2?! Wish I knew why…

Anton Apple, Cherimoya, Marzipan, Coconut Cookies, dry cocktail and some others

i ordered the cherimoya just last night…ive been looking for that flavor since i tried it last month…pretty stoked!

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Yeah man!! Shit’s great!! Start at 5% with a custard. So many dimensions to it, you really don’t need anything else

Let me know when you get it and I’ll toss ya some recipes I have thus far (if you want)

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Absolutely! You know how I feel about your recipes!!
Have you tried the actual fruit??

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