Mass recall of Vape Product ⚠️

THE first ever recall of a mass-marketed vaping product has been actioned after a series of complaints. The RJ Reynolds Vapor Company has recalled all 2.6 million Vuse Vibe power units after 10 customers reported malfunctioning batteries in their units.
The company warns the batteries – or “power units” – in the rechargeable section of the vape pen, may cause the device to overheat and create a fire risk.

There have been no reported injuries caused by the defective devices.

Industry insiders believe it is also a prudent move by RJ Reynolds to stay one step ahead of the Food and Drug Administration’s recalls. The Tobacco Act requires companies to notify FDA of any product failures -and faulty batteries would be in their line of site.

“We believe that the issue is confined to a small fraction of all Vuse Vibe products sold, and involve a battery manufactured in 2016 by a contract supplier,” the company said in a statement.

“Until we have concluded our investigation and identified the exact cause of the problem, we have voluntarily taken the action to recall all Vuse Vibe power units in the market, until further notice.”
Reynolds has also issued the following instructions for Vibe owners:

1 STOP using your Vuse Vibe
2 Unscrew the tank from the power unit
3 Do NOT charge your Vuse Vibe power unit
4 Call 1-800-369-8200 to get further instructions

Customers are advised that units are not being replaced by retailers but Reynolds will mail a pre-paid shipping envelope for recalled units. The recall only applies to the Vibe model. The Vuse Solo and Ciro devices use different batteries.

Customers are also being offered refunds and Reynolds has notified the FDA of the recall.



Let’s see if the media runs like wildfire with this one, like they would with individual stories.

For some reason, I have my doubts.


I understand where you’re coming from, but won’t the general public just view this as another vaping related problem? Not sure it helps our cause.


Entirely possible @Big_Benny_MI, but you never know, Big Tobacco might take the hit instead.

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u both said the same thing in so many words but yes it all looks bad for vaping as a whole


They were probably using Efest rewrapps. Lol


No argument there!

My whole problem with the media is there’s almost never a distinction drawn between (what’s typically) two wholly separate issues.

There’s li-ion safety (and rare manufacturing issues), and then there’s vaping (typically with chemical composition at the forefront of “concerns”).

This is a bit oversimplified, but you get the idea (of my position anyways).


I’d bet $2.47 the mainstream media will ignore/bury it because it’s owned by big tobacco. If this product was from a vape company we’d have mass hysteria.


If it bleeds it ledes @worm1

@Chrispdx Now THAT’S funny !!!

@Sprkslfly 100% right, and pro-vaping coverage will get that story right, and as we all know and love, the anti-vaping coverage WILL be what it is.


The more I think about it, you guys ARE right. Every time some tard packs a bunch-o-batts in his pocket, along with a fist full of change, and catches on fire, the story’s always the same “Dangerous E-Cig Catches on Fire, Man Injured”, etc., etc.