Massachusetts House votes to ban all flavored tobacco products -- including menthol -- and to tax e-cigarettes 75%






Many view vaping — where oil with nicotine or THC is heated and vaporized, then inhaled — as a safer alternative to smoking.

What? Oil? :lying_face:




That rally has been cancelled

Crysta Marie

2 hrs

The rally planned for Nov 18 is being cancelled. We are now working with John Nathan from the VTA. Please keep an eye out for more details about a different date coming soon. Sorry for any confusion, but it’s best that we work together to fight for the cause.

I live in Ma and have to say my state has turned in a full blown commie /socialist state what is being proposed is beyond your wildiest dreams

I am just waiting now for Paul Revere to ride by an give a call to Arms to rid our state of the commies lock an load an keep your powder dry


Thanks for updating! I hope they get one put together before the 20th.


Under this bill, unapproved vaping products would be treated like illegal drugs, possession of which is enough to justify forfeiture of the vehicles in which they are found. Massachusetts is poised to deprive vapers of the harm-reducing products they used to quit smoking, then steal their cars if they dare to defy that unjust and irrational edict.

Outrageous and absurd - no less so than the Draconian practices happily visited upon People who use Drugs in the endless war upon us human beings. Welcome to the ranks of the demonized “Pharmakoi”.

Never knew that “Libtard” Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was a “Pinko” - but I am reconsidering that:

CBS News (November 1, 2017):
Attorney General Jeff Sessions welcomed the restoration of the practice of asset forfeiture Friday in a speech at a law enforcement conference in Alabama. “I love that program,” Sessions said. “We had so much fun doing that, taking drug dealers’ money and passing it out to people trying to put drug dealers in jail. What’s wrong with that?” Sessions, reviewing some of the steps the DOJ has taken recently under his watch, went off script from his prepared remarks to express his excitement about the restoration of the controversial practice. Asset forfeiture allows law enforcement to seize property suspected to be connected to a crime, even without an indictment … Sessions in July brought the program back in full swing, allowing police to seize assets, even in states that have outlawed asset forfeiture, if they give some of the proceeds to the federal government. That practice of “adoption” has been used to seize $1 billion in assets over the last decade.

US DOJ (July 18, 2017):
Attorney General Sessions Issues Policy and Guidelines on Federal Adoptions of Assets Seized by State or Local Law Enforcement

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Tobacco Settlement Revenues (received by The State of Massachusetts) Yearly, in Millions:

$1,922.8 (1998 - 2006 )

$245.2 (2007)












$236.6 (2019)

Total (through 2019) = $5,311.1 Million



… the end result of this legislation will be a significant increase in the level of cigarette consumption in Massachusetts. That’s a victory for Big Tobacco. But not all the companies will benefit equally. Most sub-brands of Newport, Kool, and Salem are menthol-flavored, while most sub-brands of Marlboro are non-mentholated. What this legislation essentially does is ban the sale of Newport, Kool, and Salem while allowing the sale of Marlboro cigarettes to remain unfettered. There is simply no public health justification for banning some brands of cigarettes, but leaving others on the market.

The big question this raises is this: If the legislature is willing to ban menthol cigarettes, then why isn’t it willing to ban the sale of all cigarettes? There is no evidence that menthol cigarettes are any more dangerous than other cigarettes. Thus, there is ultimately no justification for singling them out and allowing other brands to reaming on the market to continue to kill thousands of Massachusetts residents each year.

This bill is a dream come true for Philip Morris USA because it essentially removes all of its major competition. First, the bill eliminates the overwhelming majority of the e-cigarette market in Massachusetts, so Philip Morris no longer has to worry about competition from much safer alternative products. Now all its competition will come from products that are equally deadly.

However, even many of those products are being removed from the market. The main competitors to Marlboro, such as Newport, Kool, and Salem are largely being removed from the market. Philip Morris couldn’t have hoped for a more favorable piece of legislation had they written the bill themselves.




(Perhaps) Altria (PM USA) has somehow “sweetened the pot” monetarily (in some manner) for the State of Massachusetts ? Or, knowing that Altria (PM USA) has been “taking it in the shorts” in state courts these days, perhaps they are striving to keep one of their corporate cash-cows alive (enough to keep up the MSA payments) - while they can stiff Altria (PM USA) competition in court challenges (based upon “legislative intent” upheld by courts), without relieving that competition from (still) paying-up on their MSA obligations.

Iffy state tax revenues from a “Vaping” industry that they are in the process of decimating and disposing of seemingly cannot compete with their beleaguered by litigation buds at Altria (PM USA). Collateral damages ?

Oh by the way, speaking of Altria (PM USA). What wonderful timing (so that they can still thrive, and pay-up):

So, while Mass legislators and policy makers hand-wring “about the children” and “the scourge of addiction” in justifying removal of (what they have inadequately defined, as have all state/local bans) “flavorings” (since virtually all tobacco products have added flavorings), they can also unctuously gesticulate about their pet corporate buds Altria’s “safer” (snus, etc) way to damage one’s health and longevity. Never mind that vaping is far less potentially harmful (than “snus”) - the key point here may well be that protecting and promoting (Altria) profits protects their cash-cow (MSA revenues), while also allowing them to tax retail product sales.



Perhaps they have written it themselves …


This is bloody unbelievable!! That’d stop DIY as well because it’d be an untaxed product and they can seize your car or your house?? Christ, the land of freedom??

I feel for you, I really do…How can these people be so dumb… or, are they??

Are they already preparing themselves for the end of MSA and start picking on citizens? Bloody vote them out… but it’ll be too late! Bas…ds


I’m born and raised in MA. I left there in 97 when the place was already filling up with assholes. I’ve been there about 5 times in the last 22 years…don’t miss the place at all.


So buy a bottle of juice and pay the tax and just keep refilling it with whatever. There asshole the label saz I done payed the extortion fee.


The more I read about the details of this, the more I wonder if they’ve made it so completely outrageous as a form of self sabotage. When it fails to pass into law or gets over turned in court they can claim they tried.

The way this is written my Nana could have her car and home seized for mixing what she called her knee ointment; a tsp of Loranns Menthol in a Tbsp of Glycerin. She passed on over 20 yrs ago and didn’t live in MA but the point remains. :frowning:


I hope that the legislative “geniuses” in “Massachewthis” will not be inspired by your savvy to require packaging in essentially non-refillable containers (like my Nasal Saline Solution Spray, or a tube of Toothpaste, etc) in order to enfarce their specious Orwellian swamp-fever-dream Inquisitional goals.


It is very interesting. Anti gooberment sentiment continues to rise throughout the U.S. and gooberment get’s more heavy handed regardless. You have flavor, we take your home. Incomprehensible. They better pray their propaganda works.


It may (over this, among a veritable slew of moral/ethical inequities, insults, and damages), possibly not:

Axios (September 22, 2019): “GOP allies warn vaping ban will sink Trump in 2020

… leaving us with a not notably differing Clown Car of Self Dealing Hand Wringing Totalitarian Ninnies. :thinking:


There are work arounds for most everything. I had a couple of buddies in Germany that would steam the labels off their canned goods all year long and send massive amounts of “authentic” German canned goods stateside every Christmas. They had a hand crank can maker and a scale. German Polizei would run product directly out of Switzerland to them.


True enough. Folks can knock-off Mods and Atty product clones overnight. Custom counterfeit plasticine containers might be trivial. Which raises the specter of a highly incentivised illicit market flourishing - one very much more likely to eventually cause harms to health. “They’ve cut it twice, and it’s still too short !” :clown_face: