Massive giveaway

I’m an admin for Team Coffey Vapes and it’s the last day of a huge giveaway and I thought I’d post it here since I’ve spent so much time here when I had time to mix before my son was diagnosed with a rare type of epilepsy.

Simple sign Google doc and like Team Coffey Vapes and I think that’s all we required. The link will specify. Wasn’t sure where to put this so the pub is where I ended up. I hope this isn’t against the rules but if it is delete if so. If not I hope some people who could use some of the stuff enter.

The link won’t open for me…FYI

This one?

That ^^^^^^^ is something else.
Must be this one [Eric just approved me]

Facebook is the devil. Hahah. But thanks for sharing. Vey much appreciated.


Fishing behind the net here, got no FB :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Bottom one is correct. Sorry in the hospital with my girlfriend. She had surgery today and had not checked my email until now.


Got it all sorted with some help…honored to have had it timely too.
As far as I know I am now registered to receive the kangaroo dung bags, including the pouch.
I hope your sheila is in good health [as much as possible for being in the hospital] and that you
sleep well and have no worries about her, eh? No sense you both being ill over one thing.
God bless you both.

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Thanks ozo. I almost made it home that night, an hour drive one way before getting a call from her about an EEG being done because of an irregular heart rhythm. Ended up being nothing but I ended up sleeping on the floor in her rooms so she could wake up and not be alone. Damn floor was crap and my back hated it, However, she’s doing good back at home just recovering.

Now that I have a few days off I have to mix while she sleeps, I’ve not mixed in major months. Have to unpack flavors and supplies.


Contest ended but we’re always doing giveaways. I hope some of you entered and won. Got a new one going for some liquid, forgot what one but like I said we’re always giving away something it seems. I’ve got to get stuff ready to ship out to winners this week.

Tried to but it was too late by the time I got added to the group. :frowning:

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Three times [since my spouse’s major stroke in 1999] we have killed her and brought her back with the paddles because of arrhythmia.
I get it all the time, especially when I see Alisa…but we are both married, so it goes away…'til the next time. :smile_cat:

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