Mastodon fans! Need help with a Concept

This is a bit silly, but I want to make a “concept” juice based on the Mastodon song “Blasteroid” from the album The Hunter. I know, it’s a strange idea but I’m feeling a bit inspired. So far, I’ve thought of some kind of Strawberry-Watermelon-VBIC concoction but I’m not married to the idea. If there’s any Mastodon fans out there, please share your thoughts or recipes that you think would fit with this “concept” juice. Thanks!


Ok not gonna lie… I’ve never heard of Mastodon. :laughing: BUT I love off the wall shit like this. Lol! So, I’ll definitely look it up and give you my thoughts!


Ok I listened to the song and read the lyrics. I’m thinking toasted lemon marshmallow. Could that be good? Sounds weird but I’m totally trying it.


Go for it! It’s a fairly intense song, so the juice needs to be fairly intense as well. Here’s my take on the concept so far:

5% Strawberry (TFA)
3% Golden Pineapple
2% Watermelon


That recipe of yours looks super tasty!


You can search the Recipe Database for more than one flavor at a time on ELR Home. Just put a plus sign between flavors. …let’s do Watermelon (TPA) and VBIC (TPA)

typed in the Search box the query looks like this:
Watermelon (TPA) + Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Click here to check out the results

Click “Rating” to get the best …Oooo Mango Shake by Nicholas (and I’m noticing it’s throwing out the Vendor in the results)


For sure! I just added a little mf lemon to it too for an intensity boost. :wink:


Mastodon fan! Whoa whoo! Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves their music on the dark and intense side!
I’ll have to give this one a bit of thought, simply because any tribute to them has to be spot on.

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