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Manufacturer recommends 1-2 drops per 3ML. According to my calculations this equals roughly 1.5% I think? My reasoning is as follows: Average 1-2 drops so call that 1.5 drops. If it takes about 35 drops to make 1ML, we have to times 35 by 3 for 105 drops. 105 drops X 1.5% equals 1.5 (the average of drops). Does this make sense? I was never too good and math and probably going about this a$$ backwards, but I think it is correct? When I make my standard 80ML batch, if I add 1.5% of the flavor that should equal 1-2 drops per 3ML.

First thing first. It seriously sounds like you need to do a single flavor test (no more than 15m).

Find out what your preference is, not simply “their” recommendation before making a big batch!

Once you’ve done that. Then the math is “automatic”, if you key in your preferred percentage into the calculator
Then all you have to do is tell it you want to make 80ml, and so on.

FYI: at 15ml total, 1% flavoring would be 0.15ml
2% flavor would be 0.3ml. Drops aren’t the most accurate (as they vary greatly depending on the dispenser). However, if you have to work with drops, you can set the calculator to do that too (and adjust for drops, once you’ve verified them)


Through my experience, I have found Inawera flavor recommendations to be very close to what I like. Many times they tell you the percentage to mix, ie, 3-5%. On this flavor they give info in drops per 3ML so I want to follow that recommendation. I mix by weight, and very familiar with using the calculator here. All I want to know is does 1-2 drops per 3M equal 1.5%. Thanks!

I realize drops can vary and most inaccurate way to measure. I just want to be in the right ballpark and then do the mix by weight.

If you have 35 drops in 1ml, then 1 drop is 2.85%
so having 1.5 drops in 3ml should be (1.5*2.85%)/3=1.425% or roughly 1.5%

Thanks Suomynona!

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I get what you’re saying, but what he’s doing is converting drops in %, which should be more accurate and consistent to work with :wink:

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I caught that right away. I simply dismissed it to try and make the point that it’s effectively a dangerous habit to get into. Simply because FLV bottle drops are not the same as Cap bottle drops, are not the same as…due to the different tip sizes and types. :wink:

The bold part, to me, means that he’s possibly doing the math based on an assumption. The primary reason for me to mention drops aren’t very accurate. On the other hand, if it’s just a miscommunication (or phrasing issue), then that means he’s already measured his drop size, and the result from that given bottle was 35 per 1ml, and you’re absolutely correct (pardon my edit) in saying:

However, due to the ambiguity… I opted to try and simply point out “drops vary greatly”. My bad.

Wasn’t trying to upset the OP, nor create an in depth “ordeal”. Drop size variations have been covered in depth elsewhere here (and I added my findings in similar differences with the same Guage (18ga) syringe tips having hugely different drop counts, just due to the difference between blunt tip and subcutaneous (needle) tip.

In addition, some apps use 20 drops by default setting, and I’ve seen instances where folks didn’t know that A. There were differences. B. They could change those settings (in most apps).

Sorry if anyone got ruffled. Damned sure wasn’t my intention. sigh


That is true, that’s why i said “IF you have 35drops in 1 ml”. This is something he should test before converting to be sure.
He wasn’t asking about converting drops into % and the accuracy of it though, he simply asked for a little help with math. I’d assume that if he didn’t know what he was doing, he’d drop in a question about that as well.

No need to be sorry, certainly didn’t ruffle me :wink:


Thanks for the replies. Yes there is an assumption, roughly 35 drops = 1 ML. I read that here and I am assuming that info is reasonably close. I know what droppers I use (the ones from Wizard Labs that fits on the 8ML flavor vile). I do not know what kind of dropper Inawera uses when they measure. All I hope to do is be close and within reason. What I do know is Inawera (pronounced IN-A-VA) are very concentrated and thus typically strong. I find their recommendations to be very close to my liking. I’m not much of a flavor person anyway and would rather have something weaker in flavor than stronger. Trust I guess plays a part and I trust Inawera recommendations through my past experience with them.

Here is the flavor: Wera Garden Turkish

I will use 1.5% as a starting point and see how it goes.

I will most likely use this flavor when I make my tobacco blends, using a combination of various tobacco flavors in small percentages (0,5% to 1%) not exceeding a grand total of 5-7% for the mix. Before I use a flavor though, I like to go with a single flavor mix just for taste then decide whether or not I want to use it in a blend.

Recommended between 1 and 4 % far easier then drops

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If you take the drops straight out of the Inawera bottle it is more like 50 = 1 ML
I have tested that. I think the 35 drops are approximately what you get using a pipet.


Which brand or size pipet, coz there’s a difference there too :wink:

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I really don’t know since I don’t use those but they do produce much larger drops so I just ass-u-me that is where they get the 35 drops per ML from. :thinking:

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Was more of a rhetorical question :wink:
just saying that there are differences everywhere and drops are just inaccurate. 2 drops from the same dropper aren’t always the same in size.

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put the recipe into ELR with the settings adjusted to drops. Be sure you have the correct specific gravities set for the flavors you use. Save the recipe then switch settings to grams. All the math is done.


This is why we keep you around!:+1:

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That’s one smart alien up there :point_up_2:t3:


Thanks! I was using a different Inawera website. I saved the homepage to that site…much better to see the description info in percentage than in drops!