Max vg and zen gardens

What does max VG do to or for a recipie? Also what is zen gardens?and what is it like? I am attracted to these odd flavours for some reason. Like really big want to know more about these …


Max VG just means, the maximum amount possible, with no added PG.


Zen Gardens is a garden herb concentrate. I tend to use it with tobaccos and fruit when a want a slightly sharper herbal note to boost blends than what Basil (Flavorah) provides. I can also be compared to Mary Jane (TPA) though I find a more prominent rosemary note in this one.


why would you want that? Doesn’t it affect the flavor?or do ppl do it for harsher mixes like some of my fruit is that way until it steeps for at least a week then it seems to fuck off. .lol


Some people, not many, have a sensitivity to PG. It causes a dry cough for my wife, so I mix her recipes with Zero PG. Using only flavors based in VG, Alcohol, or a combination of the two(and 100% VG based nic).

Max VG typically uses PG based flavors (and Nicotine) as the sole provider of the PG content in a mix, so if you have PG based flavors at 5% and PG based Nicotine at 3%, your recipe will read as 92%VG. 8%PG. mixing at 70/30, you would usually add PG to a mix. Here, you don’t.

Some people prefer higher VG content for a more pillowy texture to their vapor, less throat hit, more dense vapor production.

Flavor can be an issue when mixing, as PG is the superior flavor carrier. One may need to raise the %s of some flavors, or lower them. Or, may find satisfaction with no changes at all. Some say a longer steep is all that is needed. You’d need to test a bit if you ever wanted to try it.


I agree it does. If you’re PG sens maybe, I do 70/30.


Thank you this makes sense to me. I am wondering why im having excess phlegm lately and mabye this is why…I can’t cough it out it’s always there. Mabye I am sensitive to pg?? Also I find unless I over compensate the steep I can’t vape alot of my liquids I don’t like the throat hit. It is too much for me
I am book marking this.


I want it. I can’t help it. I love the flavour that are less common than others. They make the most interesting vape.


Possibly, I get excess phlegm with certain flavours too. CAP Lemon Meringue always did it to me…


It’s going to be my favorite flavour too anything custard, butterscotch too. Dammit… Well, can’t win em all… I is not giving up my flavours.


Total VG or near total will cause excess phlegm for me too.


That sounds awful. So sorry!

There is a chance this isn’t vape related. If it’s been warming up where you are, you could have seasonal allergies. Just a shot in the dark there…

Warmer weather + vaping need a heck of a lot of hydration, too. Both VG and PG can suck the water right out of you.

At the very simplest, try upping your water intake, even if you think you drink plenty. It makes the body better at everything.

There’s also a condition that causes a constant urge to clear one’s throat. It’s an agitated something or other causing the feeling of phlem needing to be expelled. But never goes away.

The cure for that is trying not to clear your throat and if necessary, using a hard H sound instead of your vocal cords. The irritation causes the throat clearing reaction, which causes the irritation, etc.

But, lots of water is always a great place to start.


Try subbing some of your pg with distilled water, good starting point would be 2%.


I do not drink nearly enough water. …I am highly addicted to Pepsi. But never have i felt this until recently only when I am vaping alot or its soemthing im doing or not doing in my diy. I will however drink more water less pop, and I will also try upping my vg less pg that seems to help with the harshness alot of my particular fruit recipies that should only take mabye a week to steep im finding after that theyre still so harsh. And ive vaped alot of same pg vg ratio commercial fruit which is usually 70vg 30pg but mine seem to .be way more harsh.


I’m fortunate because I am not PG sensitive. From the time I started vaping almost 8 years ago, it was suggested that I drink more water because PG can cause dry mouth. Most of the juices I’ve vaped have been between 50vg/50pg and 80vg/20pg. I enjoy the bit of throat hit from the PG and also believe it carries flavor better than VG. Here in Denver, in the winter a high % VG mix can get a bit thick. I the summer, a higher PG can get a bit runny, hence the range of my VG/PG percentages. Plus, sometimes I just like to mix it up to see if I can taste the difference. :wink: