Maximum flavour percentage in recipes to aim for?

I’m looking at trying a mothers/ unicorn milk style recipes on here but note that in terms of % flavour have seen some involving 5 different flavours to as much as 22 - 25%.

Now for me as a fairly new flavour chaser this % seems excessive…so far with my own simple 2 flavour recipes I’m liking in order of 15%total flavour.

Am I right in thinking that the likes of mothers milk etc are generally overly flavoured?

Would it be ok for me to adapt the flavour % down to 15% or would I be missing out on the quality of the clone recipe?

Also interested to here if there is a flavour maximum people go to though appreciate may be down to personal preference.



A lot of recipes have a lot of flavoring… If you think you can make do with less (which I bet you can), a good way is to make a flavor base and then mix with that - a flavor base makes it easy to try with varying percentages :smile:


The problem with saying “I aim for X% flavor” is that some flavorings are super strong (3% or lower in a single flavor mix) and some are super weak (as much as 20% in a single mix).

It’s kind of meaningless without info about the specific flavoring strength. But the user suggested single flavor percentages and the average mix percentages in the flavor database on this website are absolutely fantastic for helping with that.

I’ve never needed to mix over 20% flavor. I probably will never go over 30%, but that’s more to do with preferred PG/VG ratios than anything else.


I see a ton of recipes w less flavor that are extremely popular, as stated about the avg % of the flavor is really the answer. Higher end flavors need less % (or the random extremely strong ones) while some of the cheaper flavors require the higher %
I’ve got a mix of TFA CAP and FW right now and they very but a lot 5% is flavorful my mixes avg around 15% with 20% being the highest

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If the brand of flavoring used is Capella, that wouldn’t be surprising. You’ve got to use a lot of Capella flavoring. If it’s TPA/TFA, then ya, about 15% is the max. Other brands like Inawera are even more concentrated and you only use 1 to 5% of a flavor. Have a look at the resources page that shows what percentage to use for each flavor. That will give you a good idea. Also, I’m finding that I MUST dilute my ejuice mixes when I’m vaping using a Crown or TVF4 tank versus all my other tanks. If the ejuice is too strong, I get a bitter taste. Oh, I just thought of another thing… Over time, it seems like my ejuice gets stronger sometimes.


Thanks friends for all the very helpful replies

Daath will look into flavour base…is there a tutorial on this?

The recipe I was looking at is a popular one on here Mothers Unicorn Milk by apwroblewski

All TPA flavours at a total of 26%

It’s got good reviews with no mention of it being too overly flavoured ?

Seen similar named recipes around 20 - 22%.

I guess for my persoanl taste I can keep the ratios but adapt proportionally to start at 15%…and work my way up if necessary.

Cheers :yum:

Again, click the blue wrench icon and look for “Make flavor base”. You can mix all your flavors and then use that base at whatever % you want (5%, 10%, 15%, etc.), keeping the basic ratios the same. :smile:


Many thanks Jo.

You star… now I know how to make flavour base :grin:

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Forgive my lack of understanding in this, but would you please explain that a wee bit better for me? Ive always wondered what that meant and I still don’t get it…
Pretty Please?

There’s an attempt at explaining it on wikivapia :slight_smile:


I got it!!! Thanks, brother!!

Ok have tried to create a reduced 15% flavour for the following recipe but it wont let me go below 26%…will let me go above 26%

Advice required please :yum:

@daath would probably be the better one to give advice on this, since he made it and I’ve never used it. :stuck_out_tongue: I imagine the reason why it’s lowest is 26% is because that is the % it is at in the original recipe.

What I would do is make the flavor base at 26% the way it says. Then, just use it like you would any other flavor. You can put 10% in or 20% or whatever. When you’re making a recipe and it asks for flavor name, pick anything or put in “Unicorn Milk Base” or something.

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That’s what I would do: Create a flavor base from that recipe, then just use that base as a flavor in a new recipe and set it to 15% - then do the calculations by hand described in the “Create flavor base from a recipe”-section here

Or you could calculate (by hand) the new recipe based on that calculation and create a new recipe…

At some point I will implement a way to adjust a total flavor % so that it can be done automatically…


Thanks Jo and Lars

I guess creating a quantity of flavour base is ok for a known adv but as I’ve never tried this recipe or similar, I’m unsure if I will like it and I also suspect the 26% flavour ratio will be too strong for my taste.

Have got my calculator out and have calculated for 15% as follows:
Existing recipe = 26%. Required recipe =15%
Conversion factor (15% divided by 26%) = 0.5769
Multiplay Conversion factor by flavour percentages…

Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2.31%
Cheesecake (TPA) 2.88%
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5.77%
Sweet Cream (TPA 2.31%
Vanilla Custard (TPA) 1.73%

Total 15%

To tidy up these % decimal places I will likely round up to nearest .50 which will give me 16%.


Made a few mixes last night a cinnamon cookie @ 5% and its tasting great
Then had a couple fall into the 15% range
Some combos work great @ 5% others taste like much of nothing or too much of one thing
The lower % you can get away w also saves on supplies which is nice haha

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Juice too strong?
I keep a bottle with VG/PG/Nic with no flavoring handy. If one of my ejuices is too strong, I dilute it. I didn’t read the whole thread yet, so maybe I’m missing something. If so, sorry.