May sound funny

I keep a bottle of juice in my car in the console and as days go bye it gets better and better. So I think I invented CAR STEEPING!


You’re not the first :smiley: There’s been threads on reddit, ECF and other places where people more or less accidentally steeped their juice in a hot car :smiley:

You may have seen a few threads on ELR about heat steeping. I’m a proponent of this method, as long as you keep the temp below 110 degrees. I do feel that extreme temps do have harmful effects on flavorings and nicotine. I haven’t gone the car steeping route, but I do use a hot rice bath after mixing my liquids; works for me.

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I think the temp in my car here in the southern summer would quickly exceed the 100º mark. Don’t think it’ll work for me till autumn. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep I’m with ya it’ll be 110 in the car by lunch time no doubt.
But here’s a laugh for ya .
I’m disabled & mix eliquid then get my 22 year old daughter to take it to the car & go get it before lunch :wink: .