Maybe if enough


Stock up mate, just in case. Not like our government ever listens to us regardless. Before they “decided” on their plan they had an “open” public submission campaign that apparently only said vaping should be banned. I know as a fact that heaps of people, even some who don’t vape, made submissions to say make it legal and regulate it. Supposedly, that was not something the government wanted to hear as it didn’t fit their agenda.


If vaping supposedly leads to smoking, why are so many switching from smoking to vaping?
I’m so tired of governments dictating what we can and cant do with our own bodies and using children as an excuse to impose their will on everyone. It always has been, and will be, about the money. They don’t give a rats ass about kids or anything but their bank accounts.


Definitely stocking up. Already started about a month ago and going to continue. Have a litter of 100mg in the freezer, a 3 unopened mods, more coming and 5 unopened tanks. Vg, pg and flavours I’m not worried about though


I started smoking in year 7. Half the kids at school did. They couldn’t stop kids then. They won’t be able to now


@Mister_Shifty I have read your petition 5 times and still can’t figure out what it is intended to achieve.

You start with how you picked up smoking as a kid and the whole schoolyard did it, but then switched to vaping, which was a healthier alternatinve. Cool, yeah that fits as an intro. But then…

“Now in schools kids are vaping. I don’t agree with that. Yet your logic… vaping leads to smoking. Smoking is bad. Let’s just cut out that step and go straight to cigarettes… vape better for health. It’s bad. Smoking worse but more money good. Get the kids smoking not vaping”

Who is the you in “Yet your logic…?” And the rest is word salad.

I hear what I’m typing in my head and i sound like an asshole, but your petition reads like a facebook rant.

If I’m totally just not getting it, I apologize for my cluelessness! Feel free to set me straight.