Maybe there is hope with the Trump/Republican Congress on FDA ruling


Wow that was a great read in light of the events of August 2015. I am nkw crossing my digits.

I think this is the guy that kept writing the director of the FDA and kept getting the run around.He finally told them what was up.He was more focused on the affects of small buisnesses.I’m pretty sure this is him. Either way this is the people we need on our side.

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Didn’t he promise lots of jobs for your country. So hopefully he sees that as the imperative and opens up the vaping industry. Isn’t that the Republican way from my understanding.

The Republicans at least pretend to like smaller government with less regulations and government interference … that should help in our struggle with the FDA?
The problem is lots of lobbyist handing out money to anyone that will help their cause. Republicans seem to love money as well , they just hold out for more of it.
They are simply a higher class of whore IMO.
I do think we have a better chance of getting the FDA restrictions lessened with Republicans in charge but only time will tell.Like Henry I am keeping my fingers crossed

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And my stash fully stocked, in case the fingers thing doesn’t work.