Mayflower - Charlie Noble

I went to my LVS a week or so ago and my guy there asked me if I tried this liquid yet. I told him no, and he insisted I tried it. A little on the dripper and I was just blown away. Simply amazing, intense flavors here. If I had to describe this liquid, the flavors remind me of a very rich pumpkin pie. Not a store bought pumpkin pie. The kind Grandma made after cutting up a nice ripe pumkin fresh from the garden. Grandma cooked with lots of love, and 20 years later I still miss her home cooked meals. This flavor really took me on a journey to my childhood.

But instead of a pie crust like Grandma made this liquid has a nice cinnamon graham crust flavor. To me this makes everything richer, and gives this flavor an added kick that I love. The cinnamon gives a nice mild throat hit, and I am not real a real big fan of liquids that do so. But this is one I can’t get enough of. If I could make a pumpkin pie, I would hope it turned out just like this. Rich, creamy, and spices that remind me of Thanksgiving with the family.

Of all the liquids I have tried, this one is my favorite dessert flavor. If you like Pumpkin Pie, give this liquid a try. Then come back here and help me make it! :blush: