Mayweather vs McGregor

Whos watching ?? @CallMeTut are you ?

Get on discord, we’re watching

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I am currently watching the fights, but I don’t think I’ll watch the main event because boxing is boring.

Where’s the free livestream link?

your an ass , i clicked the link with my 6 year old sitting next to me smh


I was just going to hit that link when I saw @fidalgo_vapes guess that’s not it… I didn’t see the fight on the tv listing I just went through and I don’t do pay-per-view

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no its not it , im splitting the fight 4 ways otherwise i might not of watched @Joel5 next link may work @CallMeTut

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I’ll hold off and watch it later… thx for asking though, doing a search on that “Stream it” extension shows people consider it the next best thing to a virus so I’ll pass.

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all you need is adblock and you’re good