MBV Retiring many flavors based on looming regulations

Read about retired flavors here. Read MBV’s discussion here. If you are a fan of any of these liquids you may want to stock up soon.


I have never tried MBV flavors, but I know a lot of people like them. This is really sad. I get why they’re doing it and I don’t blame them. I’m glad they have the ability to keep even a few flavors going with what it sounds like the regs are going to cost them.

It is all so stupid. I’m not against testing and regulation to a (reasonable!) degree, but the sheer amount of greed happening here is nauseating. This isn’t about making these things safer, it is about money and corporate bullying. I won’t rant, I’ve done enough of that. It just irks me every time I think about it. LoL

Thanks for letting us know!

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When i first started ordering online i bought some MBV flavors, Cinnamon Roll was an ADV for a few months but then something happened. After i got into DIY i still bought Banana Cream Pie as it quickly became one of my favorites so i continued to buy the flavoring and mix my own. One month i ordered my usual 4x15ml bottles of flavoring and got to mixing but the flavoring tasted like sadness and smelled very differently. So i ordered 2 more the next month and it was the same thing, a totally different formulation. I contacted them and they swore they changed nothing and sent me two more bottles. All of it ended up going down the drain. It was sad but it pushed me into real DIY and i made my own BCP.

Many people complain of their inconsistency, perhaps this will be a good thing, 100+ flavors is a bit much. Ive found that companies who have fewer flavors also have better flavors. I wonder if they will follow other companies and release some recipes, if the regulations should go through. Im not a huge fan of MBV but they helped me quit and id rather not see them fail based on political stupidity.

As for the regulation… So many states stand to lose tax dollars, money they have borrowed against. This is a big driving force in regulation, they need to make that money back to pay off their loans. It really pisses me off that people have allowed this to take place. No one cares what their governments do as long as things are going well. I could rant on for hours but i wont.

I agree about MBV…typically focusing on quality over quantity is more beneficial in the long run. Maybe this will make them a better company in the end. It would be nice if they released their recipes to the DIY community. We’ll see what happens.

And I know what you mean. While I don’t feel informed or qualified enough to make any real judgements on the state of affairs, it does seem like there has to be a better way for America to manage its finances. Whatever it is that we have been doing doesn’t seem like it is working so well. The government always seems to be hurting for money and they take it out on the little guys. My city’s school system was 8 mil in debt…so they closed one of the most needed schools in a low-income area. Maybe I’m wrong, but that just seems counter intuitive to me. Instead of trying to find a way to work with vapers and companies like MBV that are trying to improve the lives of the population, the government is making it nearly impossible for the little guys to operate and essentially killing the vaping industry. The people they are trying to ‘protect’ are the ones who will suffer the most.

Regulation schmegulation. We all know what the impetus is for all these regulations…it’s a money grab spurned by millions in lost tax revenue from the sale of cigarettes. It’s no more complicated than that. If you sit back and watch this game unfold it’s truly fascinating to see how the players are making their moves. The e-cig industry as a whole is huge. However, what stops it from gaining any political foothold is that it is comprised primarily of small businesses. To effectively combat what will surely be some bs legislation coming soon to a town near you, is to organize. And not just some online group where everyone with a PV can join, no, something substantial with lawyers who will fight this stuff. Mt Baker folds…then another, and another, and the message received in DC and other seats of government is you’re right, we give up! Aside from making a donation, I personally won’t get involved with any kind of action to stem the tide but those who are in the industry trying to make a living should. $1000 from 100,000 vape shops would be a great start. No, they’d rather sit and watch their fledgling industry crumble under a little governmental weight. Whatever.

I’m fully prepared to make every device, liquid, atty, whatever until Armageddon just so I can blow a cloud in the face of any bureaucrat who may catch a glimpse of me in his or her peripheral vision. Why? Because the fact is they KNOW the risks of smoking and continue to make tobacco legal…and for Federal Gain. Marxists!


Power to the proletariat my man…even the power to argue utilizing diametrically opposed views :wink: These people would more precisely be lambasted as fascists rather than marxists. Sorry but just a little bug-a-boo of mine seeing as I have significant leftist leanings and would not want to be associated with people that would write such legislation.

But other than that I agree with the rest of the sentiment in your post. I would add that, as a rule, these type of incendiary/inflammatory/grandstanding types of bills do not get passed - actually rarely are they even brought to a vote. Our ‘representatives’ have neither the courage nor the brains to make this bear fruit. They will add it on piecemeal to other less controversial, but pressing, legislation. Thereby, providing the two-fold advantage of flying lower under the radar and providing electoral ‘cover’ hand-shaking/baby-kissing time. Cowards the lot of 'em.

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And yes, cowards, But funny thing how seizing revenue dollars tends to embolden even the most squeamish of politicians.