Mech Fest 2017 with the Vapin Bogan

Here is something that might be of interest for anyone that considered getting a mech mod and been uncertain about batteries and whatnot.


He fucking pretty much fucking covers it fucking all! :rofl:

I’m on the search for a dependable, reliable, trustworthy, well built and awesomely awesome looking mech (or regulated) e-pipe. I figure, I’ve enjoyed the best of both worlds so far with the metal versions of mods… but, I’ve never owned an e-pipe (real wood and classic version, mind you). I still use my mech mods on a daily basis… so, why not throw a bit of class into the mix! :grinning:


Will the real JimK please stand up… lol


That dude uses the word fuck like he’s cast in a Scorsese film. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw that review of his the day he posted it.
It is without doubt the best, easiest to understand explanation of mech mods and safety that I’ve ever seen. Battery Mooch praised it highly too.
IMO, he’s one of the very best vape reviewers on Youtube.
He deserves more subscribers than he has.
Yeh he swears a lot, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, it’s his shtick.
Get past his swearing and you’ll discover that he is an excellent reviewer who is not biased or just trying to get you to buy stuff like some of the others are.
Go Sam!