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Yes, disturbing indeed. It sounds as though MF have created a whole new product especially for the vaping industry, doesn’t it? One that contains a whole bunch of potential allergens that are not in the usual MF.
If that’s so, it really ought to have been given a different name , because that will lead to confusion and misinformation ever-after… unless you and I, @Plunderdum, and god-knows-how-many others go back and delete bunches of old posts.

For the moment, I’m hanging on the hope that NR just made a shedload of little mistakes.


I had this thought too. Very interested to see how this plays out.


If it turns out this is a PG version, hopefully it will be as easy as adding it to the flavor name…
Mango (PG) (Medicine Flower)


Not exactlly. i’m thinking there are plenty of people out there who already know that MF doesn;t contain any PG, artificial flabours , or additives, and they’ll likely be buying this stuff without thinking to check. I’m beginning to deeply regret recommending MF on that basis. But …hey ! I hope I’m just over-reacting there to a little bit of passing confusion.


I see now, you do have part of it on your site, just not the Ingredients part! I can’t wait to get an official explanation.


What ??? Pg version of huh ??? Have I missed something ???


Have a look! Weird stuff going on.


yep, you missed the ingredient list(s) plus this:

but that ingredient list not only contradicts everything we thought we knew about MF, it even contradicts a bunch info that NR happily copied from MF’s website onto their website… So this badly needs resolving.

After sleeping on it, I’m increasingly hopeful that it’s just another case of somebody not really bothering to look at the SDS and just slapping on a standardised one-size-fits-all label . It’s amazing how often that happens in the vaping industry. I’ve even bought distilled water from a vape shop that purported to contain PG! :rofl:

But for those of us who are trying to exclude PG and other allergens from their vape, that joke wears thin pretty damned fast. There are actually quite a number of PG-free concentrates out there, but if they’re all mislabelled in this way (as they usually are) how the heck are we supposed to identify them?

And now that’s even started happening with MF, of all things! (or so I hope, cos the alternative is worse)



Hello, we received an update regarding the PG situation from Medicine Flower directly.

Medicine Flower is using Propylene Glycol that is made from Vegetable Glycerin. Meaning it is not petroleum based like standard PG, but instead it is vegetable based PG. A bit confusing, but we confirmed the information on our end as well that creating PG from VG is possible and the process does exist. Nevertheless to avoid confusion we will be changing the labels to say: “This is the water soluble version of this flavor.”

The PG being vegetable based could most likely the reason behind why this does not impact people with standard PG allergies. The flavoring profiles we are carrying are no different than the ones listed on this page:

Our apologies for any confusion! This was a surprise to us as well as it is definitely an uncommon process, but I guess that is just another reason why their flavors are so immaculate! :slight_smile:


Well, I’ll be!


Thanks :slight_smile: but if it’s definitely the same stuff , I think that word “version” would be misleading. .

Yeah, it’s known that PG is often made from vegetables these days (most often corn, I believe) , That doesn’t make it especially different from the rest. But this is first we’ve heard of MF containing any kind of PG. I think that issue needs a whole new thread.

My own guess is that it’s actually the various (un-named) vegetable origins of modern PG that are causing the PG reactions in some folk (self-included) and not the old petrochemically -derived PG, so i’m afraid that isn’t reassuring. W’re gonna have to put MF back undr the microsope at this rate :frowning:


It is concerning that MF lists its ingredients as solely genuine flavor extract, save for these that contain alcohol.


Just got off the phone with Alysia owner of MF snd she has confirmed that there is PG sourced from Vegtable not petroleum and always has been in their flavors …Not all like the citrus , but I just had a great lesson in flavor making but I am going to email her the links to these threads where she is more than happy to answer questions… @Nicotine_River has been working with them to formulate these flavors and will become there distributor for the vaping industry etc … Also these flavors are of equal strength and taste etc …


You are the winner! Thanks for taking the initiative. Did she happen to mention which vegetables are used in the production of this PG? I know @jay210 would like to know!


Wondering here how many people with PG allergies have been happily vaping MF concentrates…
Would be interesting to know that an allergy is not due to PG itself but the petroleum source of PG. And that would definitely open new doors for those people as well.


No she didnt but I just sent her the link to get to the forum , she is more than willing to explain and comfort everyone … I didnt think to ask either , to be honest a lot of what she was explaining blew my brain apart lmao …


That was one of her thoughts and why she went into a quick process and explanation of how flavors are made etc , and why carriers of any kind are used etc etc …i would not try to explain what dhe daid bc I would some how screw it up and cause more concern… However I do want to thank @Nicotineriver for listening and reaching out to MF as we asked … I do think there is much more behind the scenes than any of us could imagine…