Medicine Flower Peach

Trying to find some notes on MF Peach. I may have just overlooked something but I can’t find much here. Curious about anyone’s experience with this flavor. Thanks.


Not a fan. For me it does not perform as expected.


How so? Harsh? Doesn’t taste like peach? Etc?


Lack of flavor. White peach fa peach fa and other are
Better imo



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Not really…

MF extracts are not understood by a lot of mixers because they a organic natural extracts. MF extracts are each flavor in it rawest form. That being said, they come with no added sweeteners or enhancers that are in synthetic flavors. Some do need to be enhanced a bit to shine, but they still retain their natural aspects. I find adding sweetener (Pyure) and sour (Sour Wizard FA) really make the fruits shine.


Have you tried mf peach? What percent?


Yep… It’s in my 2 favorite peach forward recipes…


Hmmmm. I looked at those mixes and they look good. They (percentages) match the range I tried but my results were very lack luster when mixed with basic fresh cream fa and mallow fa. I mixed from 1.75% down to 0.5% on the last test because I though I was still potentially over flavored at 0.75%.

Maybe I got a bad bottle. I was one of glass 3-5ml drum bottles with the funny dropper.

Do you get any sweet yellow peach notes? I complete miss those from my testers.


As mentioned above… some MF fruits need support from enhancers or a combo of like flavors. If you’re looking for MF as a one shot type flavor, then it just not going to happen. When used in combo mixes they really help take some mixes over the top.

I’ve noticed you primarily use FA and incorporate other flavors around them. Same deal with me and MF extracts.


In your opinion, would MF Peach pair well with FA White Peach? My MF Peach hasn’t arrived yet but this was a pairing I had in mind.


I haven’t tried that pairing, so I can’t offer any comments. I really didn’t care for the FA White Peach myself. INW Peach and FLV Peach were my faves and when used in combo the MF really took these 2 over the top for me.

I’d suggest using a good sweetener (Pyure) and sour (Sour Wizard FA) in small amount to help with the MF fruits.

@DarthVapor was the one that really brought using a peach combo to my attention. Maybe he’ll chime with more advice.


I think it pairs just fine. I have a love/hate with MF, especially their white/peach flavors. I really don’t think they are that strong, compared to the other peach flavorings I love and use (Inw, FA white/peach and caps yellow). For the price tag of MF’s, I expected to use less than 1%, yet I find myself using 2% or more. I have also noticed a severe drop in potency the longer I have them, unlike the other peach flavorings I have. Don’t get me wrong, they are great in taste but for the price and percentages I have to use, I am happy keeping just the others.

So to answer your question, yes they pair, and now that my MF white/reg peach are a year old, I have to use FA or another brand to boost them. I just used them the other day at 3% and I could barely taste them. Again, they are now over a year old but all my other peach flavors are 2-3 years old and still have their original potency levels.

Just my pennies…


Very good to know! Also surprising!

Are you finding that to be the case with all MF, just the fruits, or some combination?


I can’t say that’s the case for all of them, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I say that because I have only used a handful of them. Off the top of my head, I (have) used peach, white peach, strawberry, pear, cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberry, vanilla and wild raspberry. The vanilla and blueberry haven’t lasted more than a few months, before I restocked.

The most noticeable one was the wild raspberry. When I first got it, that shit would dominate at .4%. Here I am a year or so later and I am using upwards of 1-1.5 and its still not to the point of dominating. To be honest, that one is nice being older and less aggressive.

When I first bought the peach and strawberry flavors, I was fine with 1-1.5% depending. Now I am using almost 4% on the peach, and over 2% on the SB. I actually just restocked my SB and I am back to 1%.

I still have flavorings from my very first order, 4 years ago, that are still good. A few of the cheaper ones, like MBV and FW are shit, but my INW and FA flavors are still nice.

So there is a definite decline in potency but I have so damn many flavors, that my shelf lifes are a lot longer, since there is so much diversity.

If I had to swing a guess, it is probably based on how they are made. MF is more of a fresh pressed juice (if you will), whereas the others are more chemical/molecule based. Kinda like a freshly squeezed orange juice loses its nice flavor/freshness a lot faster than a pasteurized concentrated OJ does.

Of course thats just my speculation and I’m not saying its fact. The only fact I know, is my potency levels are a fraction of what they were just being weeks-months old


This is also the reason I don’t share a lot of my new recipes all that much anymore. My stupidly huge inventory of flavors are so old, I have no real way of measuring them, as far as knowing how much of their potency has diminished. I could make a juice at 15% and for all I know, it only needs 8% of freshly bought flavors. I know I feel like I am using a bit more dragon fruit in my mixes, than I did 2 years ago.

All in all, I am shocked at how long my stash has lasted. When I first started out, I assumed they would last only a year or 2. Here I am at twice that and I think they are still great. With the exception of MF unfortunately :frowning:


I hear you! I know that was one of my primary reasons for putting the purchase info in my ELR notes. As well as seeing if there were “other issues”.

It struck me odd that there was ZERO mention of things (with respect to aging) in the notes section, and infrequently mentioned (at best) once I found the forum side here. So I decided I wanted to try and actively track such. Unfortunately, it takes time, and I’ve had a few observations so far, but still miles away from being able to draw any kind of conclusions across the board. So you’re sharing your experience (and longevity) is definitely appreciated!

Most of my MF experience lies on a scant few non-fruit flavors…So I was kind of thinking like you, that their process being so different from the rest, would be why. But at the same time, MF could (IMO would) be modifying the process for the non-fruit flavors. So yeah… Always another wrench in the works. Lol


I make a peach base, then I add MF Peach when I fill my tank. I steep the MF Peach at 3% and it consists of about 20% of my tank. The Peach base is TPA Peach, Sweet Cream and Custard with Capella or FW Cake Batter and Capella Peach.
FLV and RF Peach have no flavor in my opinion.
You could add some sweetener or Sour TPA to taste if needed, but I don’t.

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