Medicine Flower Vg based flavor - review / penny for your thoughts!

I set out to make some Vg based flavors with Lotus / Medicine Flowers flavor extracts, these are perfect for those who don’t tolerate Pg well and are looking for alternatives.

I will add to this thread as time goes on, I only made these yesterday and haven’t really allowed how time with tell what they turn out like. However I did test them today ( 1 day old ) I’ll post the Vg flavor bases

( pay attention to the note section because some where not strong enough after I’d already added the Vg so the grams on the calculator may not be correct if your attempting to replicate my Vg based flavors …hope this makes sense) I have noted in the note section the grams of Vg I used in that base.

**************** Just wanted to share w/ you guys and see iif anyone has had similar results.

Blueberry MF Vg based flavor

Ingredient %
Blueberry (MF) 2

Flavor total: 2%

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I have 1 recipe w/ this one as of now


Ingredient %
blueberry VG MF mine 6
Green Orange (Hangsen) 0.3
Italian Lemon Sicily (CAP) 1
strawberry VG MF mine 6.8
Vanilla VG MF mine 6

Flavor total: 20.1%

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I found this Vg based flavor very strong even at 6% in the bloopers recipe it’s lead note at present.

Vanilla ******************

I really am loving their Vanilla such a nice flavor

Vanilla MF Vg based flavor

Ingredient %
Vanilla (MF) 2

Flavor total: 2%

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Fruit swirl

Ingredient %
Liquid Amber (FA) 0.5
strawberry VG MF mine 8
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) 1.86
Vanilla VG MF mine 5
Watermelon VG MF Mine 4.8

Flavor total: 20.16%

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While I know this is basically a tiger’s blood recipe it really doesn’t vape like on d/t the liquid Amber it bonds w/ the coconut vanilla and fruit its is wonderful at one day old.

***************Watermelon *******************************

I think this one is going to be a steeper flavor it has promise but as of now very faint and slight pepper on the vg based flavor even in a mix. I made the fruit swirl ^ above so won’t post it again .

Here’s the Vg based flavor

Watermelon MF Vg based flavor

Ingredient %
Watermelon (Medine Flower) 2

Flavor total: 2%

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Winter salad

Ingredient %
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1.26
Mild Winter (Peppermint) (FA) 0.2
Watermelon VG MF Mine 6
Wild Melon (Flavorah) 0.76
Zen Garden (FA) 1.26

Flavor total: 9.47%

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**********************Strawberry ********************************

So, I thought I do my favorite last ! I love it, however I find it to be the weakest of all the flavors I have ( MF) wise. I may increase the flavor base or decide to do a double strawberry or something like that, that has an increase in flavor %s but this one as is , is a light strawberry that taste incredible I believe this is the best strawberry I have ever had,

Strawberry MF Vg based flavor

Ingredient %
Strawberry (MF) 2

Flavor total: 2%

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So that’s all for now folks I will be trying to update as I can because I really would love to nail these down as solid go to Vg based flavors !!! So far my favorite recipe of the ones that I used the flavor bases is the
fruit swirl.

I didn’t use the wrench I just used the calculator as is and if the note section doesn’t have anything in it assume it as is and no changes were made.


Are you distinguishing a difference between MF flavors that you label Mine as being your dilution of the flavoring…and MF as being undiluted flavoring? I look with interest, as I mixed all mine as Standalones at 2% undiluted MF flavoring in a 40/60 …Watermelon, Strawberry, White Peach…and Vanilla at 2.5%

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Hey Doug !
Yes those that are labeled as vg MF mine means I diluted them down. Because Medicine flower flavors are true extracts they don’t contain any pg/vg !

They super super potent so in order for me to learn how they act at different ratios I decided to break them down and to use them as a diluted version of their original content.

If I post a recipe that states that I used MF ex. Strawberry it would mean I used it at full concentration and not the diluted form.
Hope this helps !

You said you use them at full concentration at 2% in your batches ??? Have they steeped yet ? Would like to hear what your thoughts are regarding them at that % mark.

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Yeah…I mixed them standalone at 2%…on 12-8-15…cap on for 4 days…Frothed…cap off 24 hours…Frothed again…squeeze tips back on…will replace caps tomorrow…will steep 2-3 weeks…Treating my glass bottles a little differently (gonna use a balloon on those), being that there is a harshness reported in early tests by some people…Mine are mixed at 40/60 PG/VG…Vanilla a little higher 2.25% to 2.5%…don’t have my notes in front of me…and yeah, they do smell extremely strong…by the way, I figured out how to efficiently use the dremel for frothing…frothed 40 bottles in about 15 minutes…MFs were part of that session this evening…I am really excited about that too…but back to the MF thing…I think the strength (smell from bottle) indicates some pretty volatile flavor molecules which will take some time to blend with the PG and VG, so though I would like to taste them now, I am willing to wait…I am in touch with a couple of people in VU who report changes in the Vanilla, especially during the first 2 weeks…kinda like the mix smells good, then in about a week, the mix smells terrible, then as another week goes by, the mix starts to smell good again…So the stability of the mixture changes with time to finally get stable…at least that is what I am told…and that is standalone…I am looking for a stable liquid that blossoms with flavor, and something I can savor over a couple of weeks without changing during that time…I don’t go through as much liquid as the sub-ohmers do, so I am waiting, while I vape on some of my other standalones that are coming out a month steep…I believe it is Ken-O-Where who mentioned that these are definitely gonna require a good, solid steep…So, in a way, I am following his lead on that…I will be happy to keep you posted…The way I see it with these MF flavors is this: If the 2% vapes too strong, then it won’t be a problem to dilute them with some VG…I would rather start stronger, and dilute, than try to increase flavor by adding more flavoring…Will be testing in my eGo Aspire tanks, as well as the Goblin Mini RTA and LemoDrop…They will definitely vape with stronger flavor in the RTAs…So I definitely look forward to let you know how it works out…in a couple of weeks, I guess :slight_smile: …Gol dang steeping… :smile: :smile:


Wow that’s worth more than a penny Doug !! Good info thanks.

I can’t tolerate pg so I did the flavor bases in vg for that reason. I also think that since it doesn’t carry flavor as well as pg that these may be on the weaker side but I will follow the lead of Ken and let them steep. He’s worked with them for a while and I trust his word.

Interesting in the vanilla since it is the main one that smells great as of now. I’ll have to keep my sniffer on that one.

As for the dremel I found an attachment head that has a brush on it. I orders a ton of them off eBay and when I don’t feel like using the magnetic mixer I’ll use it which it will blend a juice in less than a minute way quicker than the magnetic mixer and the juice doesn’t have to be warmed. But I do like my mixer so I use both !

I’ll be awaiting your response on those juices !


The vanilla is starting to stink must be getting close to steeping.

As for the watermelon and strawberry they are both smelling good.

I think the blueberry must be too high idk but it has a funky smell to it.

These are all in mixes that I was smelling.

As for the vg bases they smell pretty much on par w/ the mixes.

I may dilute the blueberry down further.

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Cant wait to hear your thoughts on the Vanilla, honestly it is one of my top three favorites that i use, from any company. It took my plain custard to a whole new level. Before it i had tried a few different vanilla’s but was using Vanillin in most things.

They can be pretty harsh when not cured long enough. Im used to curing things for a month minimum as almost everything i make contains custard, i added 4 drops to a 30ml bottle of my custard and at two weeks it was perfect, before that there was a harshness that was not normally there.


I’m waiting the month. I know it’s worth it. I did however try some of the watermelon and the strawberry Bc I could t resist but they’re still steeping :blush:

That blueberry Ken is giving me trouble. It is so strong to me I will have to spend more time with it. I bet it makes a fantastic blueberry cobbler or custard or just berries and cream !


What %'s are you using it at? Highest i found usable was .3%-.5% but that is for my palate. My wife hates blueberry, what a weirdo eh?, so i am the only one who has tried the mixes. One of the reasons many people dont use these extracts is because they are hard to balance in mixes at this level of concentration, I know you will do well with them. I like your idea of VG dilution but i imagine mixing it is a bit difficult. If i decide to do something like that i think ill get me one of them model paint mixers.

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I used it a 2% in the vg flavor base. In a mix I used it at approx. 0.02 (1 drop ) per 7 mls vg / nic in vg mix.

I’m hoping it’s just needing time. I have a hand drill ( dremel / rotary tool ) It mixes stuff up very well. I also did use heat on the mixes. The vg bases only got like a 5 minute bath then shook and put away but the mix and the bases still smell practically the same.

I think it just may be me and I just will have to bring down the base to possibly 1.85 and tweak it from there, but b4 I do anything it’s going to have a fair amount of time given to it so I can really see what the deal is. Thanks for your thoughts !

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@Amy …I got a kick out your observation of your vanilla…I opened mine up the other day, and the same thing occurred…What a lesson in patience…Will hopefully make me a better mixer…Can’t wait til it starts smelling better…I am curious if a hypodermic needle can provide smaller drops for mixing by weight or thinking Amys’ flavor base technique may be the ultimate way to go after standalone %s are figured…Wii cross that bridge, I guess, in a couple of weeks… :smile:

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LOL It does stink, I sure hope it turns around or I’ll be out all that $.

There is a small 1 ml pipette that will probably give you the smallest drop hypodermic needles typically are 35-40 per ml. I suppose if you could get your hands on a tiny tiny one like a 26 gauge then maybe.

I chose to do the Vg base route bc the flavor extracts aren’t binded w/ anything so why not add vg since if I add them in a mix they may be too potent…time will tell on that theory.

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I think it is an excellent approach, with the VG…Earlier I was wondering if the base you created with the VG needed to steep itself, also, before using it in recipes, so as to ensure an even dispersion of flavor throughout your base…I see you mentioned earlier that you used a little heat in your process…so maybe that will assist in making your base well dispersed with flavor…Gonna be interesting

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I just shake all my flavor well prior to using them that takes care of the viscosity issues. I kinda was thinking the same thing as well w/ steeping the actual vg based flavors but thought nah I’m going to steep my juice regardless. My other vg base flavors I bought haven’t changed in flavor/ color since I bought them so I figure these may not either.

Noticed a thread on redditt where they were chipping in for wholesale and dividing it up. Allows for everyone to get 5-10 mils of every flavor at a cheaper price. I’m in if anyone here wants to go this route

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MF is still pg based is it not?

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No they are pure extracts no " fillers " that’s why they’re go attractive to me to make vg based flavors out of them !

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The diluted ones you used to get on reddit were diluted with PG - normal MF is undiluted, non-PG stuff :smile:


The 5:1 and 10:1 dilutions that /u/abdada was offering (and may do again from January 2016, if he ever resurfaces) were in VG.


My bad! :stuck_out_tongue: