Mental Health and Vaping

The topic is mental health and vaping not mental health and chicken - The link you made is tenuous at best Doug please stay on topic


@woftam, I thought it was common for people to lose weight vaping? I never asked actually. I was able to lose 30lbs because of it. I was simply offering her something I liked to eat after I started vaping that helped me.

I asked in a later post about it.

Losing weight (if common or rare) does make people feel better about themselves. I really thought it was common. I never asked.

Now, for this post, I would like to add 1 thing that’s a negative mental and physical aspect of vaping. I’m SCARED!!! All of the sudden my blood pressure has sky rocketed!!! I’m on blood pressure medication that was working. I stopped at the vape shop and they told me they had heard others afraid about theirs because they didn’t know what was happening.

I don’t know if it’s a mental health issue but I’m scared if I have to stop vaping from this then it’s back to something else and I don’t want that. So I have to add fear as a possible mental health issue. I cut my nic level by more than 1/2 tonight from fear. If that doesn’t work, I’m gonna cut it again. I’m petrified. my bp 2 hrs ago was 149/93 with a resting heart beat of 69. That’s high! it may be a physical thing but it’s messing with me mentally, that’s for sure. so if this doesn’t count as mental health then please just delete it?

sorry if the recipe wasn’t part of this. Same with the fear. Physical aspects can mess with you mentally and either keep you doing it or make you quit.

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Hey @Caped_Conspirathist
Sorry you’re feeling fearful - that is not a nice place to be, I know, I become fearful a bit with the anxiety.
Please take a deep breath and try to be calm…
Try to write down your fears so that you can research them a bit more…

From what I read below - resting heart rate of 69 is not high.
Just some info for you about resting heart-rate - it’s from the Australian site below but sourced from USA…

What is a normal resting heart rate?

For adults, a normal resting heart rate ranges between 60 and 100 beats a minute.


@Sevencasper, the heart rate isnt but the systolic (the higher # is above norm and I have a headache to add to it). The headache is from the high blood pressure. (just adding that)

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Sorry @Caped_Conspirathist I am not a medical professional - if you are concerned you should seek proper medical advice :hugs:


@Sevencasper, It’s ok, I was almost an RN after I wanted out of Engineering (more school lol). It’s not as high as it was. If I lower the nic content a lot (which I have… I should have known) my BP meds should bring it down in 2-3 days. I’m in danger of a stroke though if it keeps climbing. I thought it was a mental health issue though because it’s stopped others from vaping because they were afraid. It’s why I don’t like the low watt sub-ohm tanks. The higher wattage coils vaporize more juice in a puff so you get more nicotine in each puff than at 70-80w. The coils on this thing are also built to handle that many watts. I’m going to be mixing everything from vg-pg-nic content so I will be able to control my intake better. It’s still scary if it doesn’t come down.

It may be an issue with the FDA but I imagine you can smoke enough cigarettes to do the same. I’m just not getting all the other poisons and I’ve been educated (wooo- hoooo… It’s not a big thing. Just means you spent money) about them. I am doing a BP monitoring thing for the FDA so they can see what heart disease does. It’s a volunteer survey and I don’t list that I’m a vaper.

Thank you though for trying to calm me down though. being frightened this fast would scare the … out of someone who didn’t understand. I just need it to come down is all. 130/84 a moderate normal. 123/84 would be really good normal range. I know… why do you care about that info lmao.

Thank you again. I know you’re trying to help.


Thankyou for clarifying - I’m glad you know what is actually going on.

No harm done - at least their is a reply now with some info for others about resting heart rate (if anyone ever searches for it) :smiley:


@Sevencasper, take 149/88. the 149 is when your heart is contracting (squeezing) 1/2 way through a heartbeat and the 88 is when your heart rests (the last 1/2) after. Your pulse rate would be another # all together (yeah… I know right??? like you care??? lmao.) This isn’t mental health though. Not unless people know what those #s mean.

Fear is a big factor with smoking and vaping especially when the Dr say’s “boy your blood pressure is really high” It can scare someone back to smoking (which is weird because they started vaping out of fear)


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